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AAA Intermodal, JSC

Services: Freight forwarding service – shuttle container train, moving on the route: Lithuania (Klaipeda, r/w Draugyste st.) - Russia (Moscow, r/w st.Silikatnaja, Ecodor terminal)

ABS Contractor, JSC

Services: Management of design, production and installation of various metal structures, project management. Labour force hire and crewing. Recruitment and agency services for onshore and offshore personnel.

AC Engineering, JSC

Services: ...


Services: Forwarding services, customs bonded warehouses and free warehouses, customs brokers

Aditis, JSC

Services: .

Adoris, JSC

Services: ship repair

Adrijus, JSC

Services: .


Services: Ship agency

Agruda, JSC

Services: Smoothly, quickly and efficiently supply all personal protection equipment, safety shoes, work clothes, work gloves etc.

Ahlers Klaipeda, UAB

Services: Container carriage by sea, land, and railroad.

Aksesa, UAB

Services: Ship technical supply

Aleksandrita, JSC

Services: Industrial supply

Alex Naval, UAB

Services: Construction and design as well as other engineering related services in the sphere of shipbuilding.

Alfastar, UAB

Services: Cargo carriage in containers, container sales, forwarding, transport logistics, monitoring, storage, protection and providing services in the port of Klaipeda.

Algrima, JSC

Services: work clothes

Alindra, JSC

Services: .

All Overseas, UAB

Services: ship agency and cargo forwarding services, customs brokerage

Almarina, UAB

Services: Agency and freightage services

Alterijus, JSC

Services: Ship chandlering by lubricating oils. Pump services.

Amber Bay, JSC

Services: Ship agency, cargo forwarding by sea and railroad

Angilema, JSC

Services: Inspection of cargo quality and quantity, fresh water supply to the ships, transportation of containers


Services: .

Ardarikas, UAB

Services: The company provides services of sea cargo transportation on land; loading, storage, and customs documentation handling, representation in the port, border veterinary and plant quarantine posts.

Argotransa, JSC

Services: The company renders freight forwarding, freight transport by land and sea, loading operations, ship agency and other related services.

Arheva, JSC

Services: company provide freight forwarding, warehousing, reloading, customs brokerage services

Arijus, UAB

Services: Door to door delivery of international cargo, multimodal carriages by land, sea and air transport, cargo storage, cargo carriage in containers, cariage of partial cargo, transportation of non-standard cargo, forwarding of general cargo, agency services to oceanic shipping lines, services of customs intermediary, logistics services, rent and sale of containers, Biomass supply.


Services: The company specializes in reuse of ships, various metal structures dismantling.

Aros Marine, JSC

Services: Ship repair, construction, maintenance

Art Shipping, UAB

Services: Agency, freightage.

Aseco Container Services, UAB

Services: Container shipment by sea and road transport

Astramara, UAB

Services: Agency and forwarding services

Aukra Maritime, UAB

Services: .

Autonomas, UAB

Services: Cleaning of the engine room, holds and cargo tanks.

Autotrade, JSC

Services: .

Autoverslas, UAB

Services: Warehousing services in Klaipėda, Vilnius

Autovesta, JSC

Services: Heavy cargo transportation by container trailers (20, 20x20, 40 and 45 type of sea containers). Logistics services (transport and documentation handling services in Klaipeda port).

Autovestina, JSC

Services: sea container transportation and freight Forwarder Company providing logistics services

Avantika, UAB

Services: Shipping agency services to all types of ships


Services: Balthana is a freight forwarding company active in short sea, deep sea shipping, road freight and railway transportation, connect EU countries, Americas (South and North) with markets in east (CIS countries ) via port of Klaipeda

Baltic Cargo Agent, JSC

Services: all services related to logistics

Baltic Cargo Surveyors, Ltd


  • inspection and control of goods, monitoring loading and unloading operations, ship inspections, assessment of damage to goods, control of cargo repositories and holds,
  • ULD checking hermetic of the cargo compartments, calculation of quantity of cargo according to the draught of a ship, on/off-hire ship state, bunker-surveys,
  • calculation of cargo volume, supervision of cargo handling operations, cargo control during handling operations and before dispatch, sampling of cargo, description of cargo state,
  • witness of laboratory tests, checking of radioactive pollution, checking of temperature, inspection of quality and quantity of general, liquid and bulk cargo (agricultural products, fertilizers, metal products, scrap metal, LNG, oil and oil products).

Baltic Clouds, JSC

Services: Ship repair, technical services, ship suppliers.

Baltic Escella, JSC

Services: JSC "Baltic Escella" propose fast and flexible ship supply services to all merchant vessels, tankers, ferries and navy vessels calling Lithuanian and Latvian ports.

Baltic Forwarding and Shipping, UAB

Services: Container carriage by sea, rail freightage, road haulage.

Baltic Group International Klaipeda, JSC

Services: Marine personnel for employment on all types of cargo vessels

Baltic Logistics Group, JSC

Services: Our main activity is international transportation of cargo by means of railways, auto-transport and multimodal deliveries, as well as transportation of cargo by sea and air transport. We deliver partial, full, oversized, heavy, liquefied, powdery, dangerous cargo, and also the one that requires temperature regime

Baltic master, JSC

Services: Repair and installation of reefer equipment.

Baltic Oil Company, JSC

Services: Vessel supply of diesel oil products, collection and utilization of waste waters, oily rags, engine oil, plastic, food waste

Baltic Premator Klaipėda, UAB

Services: Cleaning and painting of vessel exterior/interior, metal constructions.

Baltic Transit Rail, JSC

Services: Baltic Transit Rail is a company that specializes in comprehensive railway logistics and cargo escort services

Baltijos Brigantina, JSC

Services: Ships chandler by food, alcohol and tobacco, technical supply, ship repair services

Baltijos bunkeriavimo agentūra, UAB

Services: Vessel supply of oil products, collection and utilization of waste waters.

Baltijos grupė, UAB

Services: Cargo forwarding, services from door to door, line agency and ship agency services, freightage, brokerage, logistics, regulation of customs formalities, warehouse.

Baltijos pervežimai, JSC

Services: JSC “Baltijos pervežimai" / Baltic Shipping is one of the leading companies in the Baltic States in the area of shipping and cargo forwarding.

Baltijos Prochemas, JSC

Services: shipbuilding, ship-repair, offshore and civil construction works

Baltik Kontor Klaipėda, UAB

Services: Cargo quality and quantity control, vessel survey after the accident, before loading, leasing and insuring.

Baltkonta, JSC

Services: The main activity of the company is providing “door-to-door” forwarding and transportation services for containerised, project and other cargo.  

Baltmarine Trading, UAB

Services: Marine and industrial supply in ports of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

Baltnautic Shipping Ltd.

Services: Agency service, freightage, ship chandler, technical survey, operation of tramp vessels.

Bega, Klaipeda Stevedoring Company, UAB (Private Limited Liability)

Services: at seven specialized terminals (designated for bulk and liquid fertilizers, construction material, liquid chemical products, liquid food products, bulk agricultural products, and other dry bulk cargo) the company provides storage, handling and packaging of mineral fertilizers, sodium carbonate, mineral and chemical materials, cement, construction materials, general cargo, etc. The multipurpose export-import and distribution terminal provides storage and handling of agricultural and food products. The company also offers transportation by railcars and vehicles; cargo forwarding, agency, and logistics services

Beijer refrigeration, JSC

Services: The UAB „Beijer refrigeration“ is the leading refrigeration wholesale and supplier in Lithuania of components and systems such as air conditioning, commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment.

Belintertrans Baltic, JSC

Services: UAB Belintertrans Baltic is a freight forwarding company established in 2010 to promote the founder's transportation and logistic services in the Baltic region. The founder of the company is the official freight forwarder of Belarussian Railways – the Republican Forwarding Unitary Enterprise "BELINTERTRANS – Transport-Logistics Center" that provides a full range of logistics services, including freight forwarding by various modes of transport, container transportation, cargo handling at railway stations, warehousing, customs clearing, insurance etc.  

Benmorė, JSC

Services: Ship agency, cargo/container forwarding services, transportation of cargo to CIS by sea, land and railroads, cargo handling and storage services in the port of Klaipeda

Berg, JSC

Services: Underwater technical and rescue works

Birių krovinių terminalas, JSC

Services: at the specialized terminal, the company handles and provides storage of bulk and packed mineral fertilizers, mineral and chemical materials, general and other types of cargo. It also renders services related to cargo weighing and reloa­d­ing into other means of transport.

BME Services, JSC

Services: Ship repair services, project management services, stainless steel works, interior insulation, hydraulic system repairs, special works, workforce, van rent.

BMG logistika, JSC

Services: Ship supply and servicing, ship agency services, cargo expedition, cargo warehousing-reloading, containers and ship chartering, customs agency, consolidated cargo shipping with containers, cargo shipping of all types of transport, 3PL (third part logistic) full product service

BPA (Baltic Port Agency), JSC

Services: Cargo Farwarding, shipping agency services

Bratoil, JSC

Services: The company provides ship supply fuel (bunkering)

Bureau Veritas Lit., JSC

Services: Inspection of all cargo types: draft surveys, tally survey, pre-shipment inspection. Technical vessel maintenace, audits identifying conformity to requirements of ISM, ISPS, MLC codes.

Cartrans, JSC

Services: Railway transportation, Auto-transport deliveries, Multimodal transportation, Cars carrying automobiles, Car transportation by sea containers, Cargo reloading, Processing of import-export documents, we have possibility to make an additional cargo insurance.

Caverion Lietuva, JSC

Services: Ship and shore-based installations of electrical and automation systems, installation, repair and commissioning. Ship navigation system installation, repair and commissioning.

Centrinis Klaipėdos terminalas, JSC

Services: the company operates most advanced Ro-Pax terminal which is equipped with two hydraulic ramps and has a capacity to accommodate three vessels at the time. The company handles Ro-Ro, Ro-Pax, Ro-con, cruise, and other types of vessels. It also provides storage of vehicles on sites and other types of cargo in warehouses

Cesnos logistika, JSC

Services: Cesnos logistika's main activity is local and international transport services

CF&S Lithuania, JSC

Services: Activities:

  • Agency
  • Railway transport
  • High & Heavy transport
  • Container transport
  • Customs agency
  • Warehousing & distribution
  • Road transport
  • Temperature controlled cargo
  • Sea transport
  • Own rolling stock
  • Air transport

Chandlerita, JSC

Services: .

CIS - Cargo, JSC

Services: Forwarding services, cargo securing/lashing, preparation/approval of drawings, railway cargo tracking and tracing, cargo storage in customs warehouses and free warehouses, customs brokers, multimodal cargo transportation; oversize cargo transportation, stowage and load planning in railway wagons, railway wagons for rent. We cooperate with various railway and shipping companies and other reliable partners on a basis of undersigned contracts.

CMP Baltic, JSC

Services: Ship Supply, CHUGOKU Marine paint & Chemicals

Coloris LT, JSC

Services: Welding equipment, welding accessories, consumables, grinding equipment, grinding accessories, consumables, tools & more, safety wear & PPE, service.

Construction trade, JSC

Services: Construction trade UAB performs the repair works of asphalt surface and concrete pavements. We specialize in sealing asphalt seams and junctions, installation of rain and drainage systems, installation of hydro-insulation, cleaning various sites, concreting works, renewal of outdated coating and the repair of potholes. We only use the equipment and machinery designed for that purpose. We are the partners of the largest road builders, and we continuously cooperate with them on a variety of activities. You can find more information on our website or by contacting us. Categories: Road building, repair, bridges Building services Floors, floor coverings Industrial equipment Landscaping Machinery, equipment, rental.

CSC Crewing B.V.

Services: .

Daily Trade and Forwarding, JSC

Services: Forwarding services including customs clearance and warehousing services.

Danica Crewing Services, JSC

Services: Work description: crewing agency Established: 2016 (Klaipeda office) Agencies: Odessa, Saint Petersburg, Vladivostok, Nakhodka Danica Crewing Services is a leading provider of highly competent officers from Eastern Europe. With headquarters in Hamburg and with our owned and fully controlled network of manning agencies in Ukraine, Russia and Lithuania we are supplying crew – mainly senior officers - to first-class ship-owners and managers around the Globe.

Dealex Baltic, JSC

Services: Freight transportation in containers by sea, land, railway. Transportation by air, partial cargo, RO-RO and off-gauge cargo transportation services. Warehousing, reloading and customs brokers service. We are operating DELPHIS „short sea“ line in Lithuania.  

Delmuitas, UAB

Services: Customs clearance, containers transportation , customs warehousing and re export  through JSC "Klaipėdos Smeltė"

DFDS Seaways, AB

Services: Transportation and services provided for cargo and passengers by ferry lines from Klaipeda to Kiel, Sassnitz, Karlshamn, Copenhagen/Fredericia. Logistics and agency services.

Diesel Service Group, JSC

Services: Repair and maintenance of engines and other ships’ mechanisms, repair of electrical equipment, vessels’ maintenance. IN-SITU machining and other services. Delivery of spare parts. IMO signs.


Services: Ship classification services including technical inspection at newbuilding stage and ships in operation; MPQA, product, components, materials, welders’ and welding procedures certification services; consulting and verification services; training for maritime industry.

DVR paslaugos, JSC

Services: -

Edvitika, JSC

Services: Abrasive cleaning and painting of metal surfaces, isolation set-up.

Eimlina, JSC

Services: Ship loading and unloading. Ship chandlering by all kinds of technical and ship supply products. Shiprepair, including diver inspection and docking. Ship survey by experts-surveyors from Russia, Norway, Germany, Poland. Electric installation and repair (including GMDSS).

Eksmaris, JSC

Services: Cargo transportation by railroads to the Europe, CIS and the Baltic states; cargo transportation by sea; agent services for different type and weight of cargo for those companies that guarantee safe transportation of cargo to the right port and on the right time; agent services of all types of ships in Klaipeda port.

Freight Forwarders Association in Lithuania

Services: Freight Forwarders Association in Lithuania

Elmelit, JSC

Services: Supply of machinery, ship‘s supply, warehousing services, supply of welding materials, power installation cables, certified marine cables, zinc protectors, bearings, hydraulic supplies, etc.

Estma Klaipėda, JSC

Services: Ship agency and cargo forwarding services

Eu Ru As Logistics, JSC

Services: logistics company, registered in 2012.06.15 and during this time is actively UAB offer transport services on transportation for all types of cargo by any mode of transpor

Eurochem Logistics International, JSC

Services: Shipping agency, Customs broker, Freight forwarding, Oversized cargo transportation, Transportation by inland waterways, Coordination of stevedoring,Work with railways.

Euroga, JSC

Services: Transport forwarding and agency services, cargo loading/reloading, storage, customs intermediary services, ship agency services, shipbrockers services


Services: Ship repair, building, technical services; ship chandlering

Feliūga, JSC

Services: Ship repair, technical survey

First Logistics, JSC

Services: -

Fondera, JSC

Services: Customs brokerage, freight forwarding and representation in custom, cargo warehousing, transportation by railway.

Fore Logistics, JSC

Services: Seafreight forwarding, Project logistics, Out-of-gauge and heavy cargo forwarding, Multimodal cargo forwarding

Forlika, JSC

Services: Various types of cargo is forwarded in the ports of Klaipeda and kaliningrad, ship agency services.

Frigate shipping agency, JSC

Services: Agency services, forwarding services, cargo transportation in containers


Services: UAB "Galaka"  Lithuanian capital international and local cargo transportation and forwarding company operating from 1990, Met the needs of the most demanding customers in the quality of service consistent with the maximum availability. In order to ensure as far as possible to deliver quality services to its customers in the transportation, UAB "Galaka" is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The goods are delivered safely and reliably from door to door.

Galaktikos Ekspresas, JSC

Services: Crewing services

Garant Group, JSC

Services: Shiprepair, submarine technical works, inspection and repair of rescue and fire-fighting equipment, ship supply

Gargždų geležinkelis, JSC

Services: rail freight

Gelna, JSC

Services: Transportation of fully loaded containers, transportation of partial cargo, services rendered in Klaipėda port, railway and airway related services

Gindana, JSC

Services: Fuel supply to ships

Globama, JSC

Services: JSC “GLOBAMA” provides services of sea cargo transportation on land; loading, and customs documentation handling, representation in the port, border veterinary and plant quarantine posts.

Golfinas, JSC

Services: Ship agency, cargo forwarding service, chartering, crew changing service

Green terminal, JSC

Services: Storage of frozen products, ship agency and cargo forwarding services.

Greencarrier Liner Agency LT, JSC

Services: Cargo forwarding services, transportation by sea, door-to-door service.

Gretimybė, JSC

Services: Crewing services in foreign shipping companies

Grigeo Klaipėda, AB

Services: The company produces raw materials for production of carrugated board - Testliner and Fluting. Beside the main activity, company also produces paper honeycomb.

Harbort Klaipėda, JSC

Services: Ultrasonic thickness measurements of vessels’ hulls’ constructions. Hulls’ repair documentation preparation. Company has certificates of approval of these Classification Societies: ABS, BV, DNV, GL, Lloyd’s Register, RINA, RMRS, and PRS. NDT services - VT, MT, PT, UT. Rope access services abvailable for the inspections.

Harbour Enterprise Klaipėda, JSC

Services: Fire-fighting and life-saving equipments sale, examination and repair. Ship-supply of any goods or products, bond stores.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, JSC

Services: Airfreight, Seafreight, International Road Freight (Express, Groupage, Full load), Project Freight Forwarding, Import, consultancy Heavy-lift cargo, Air and Sea charter, Hand Carry service, Warehousing/storage, Inventory Management, Contract Logistics.

Henda, JSC

Services: Company provides hotels, sanatoriums, spa centers and other companies who recieves guests with these products: Compact hotel cosmetics, towels, bathrobes, slippers, hairdryers, mini bars, feather-beds, bedclothes, shoes shine machines, luggage trolleys, trouser smoothing press, accessories for hotels and others. Also company supplies high quality cleaning products.

HHDR SYSTEMS Limited Klaipėda branch

Services: Land and marine cargo forwarding, customs agency services.

Hidrosfera, JSC

Services: The company provides water supply, reconstruction and repair, dredging works and the technical work projects carried out in project implementation and supervision of hydraulic structures design expertise.

Hidrostatyba, JSC

Services: Industry and civilian construction; hydrotechnical construction; road, street, rail construction.

HOYER Baltic Expedition, JSC

Services: Transport services, forwarding services.

IE solutions, JSC

Services: .

InRight / Drobitko & Partners, Law Firm

Services: Law Firm InRight / Drobitko & Partners provides legal services for: vessel owners, freighters, P&I clubs, inland carriers and etc. Law Firm InRight / Drobitko & Partners has its offices in capital city Vilnius and the main sea port Klaipeda.

Inspectorate Klaipėda, JSC

Services: Operate a laboratory which offers a full range of crude oil and petrochemical testing, bulk fertilizers testing for the Baltic region, and chemical analysis of waste and rainy waters, lube oils, oily waters, extinguishers and foam concentrates.

Intalka, JSC

Services: -

Intermodal Container Service, JSC

Services: Customs intermediary and cargo forwarding services

Iremas filialas Kelmerta, JSC

Services: ship repair, maintenance and repair of cargo handling equipment

Ismira, JSC

Services: Crewing services in cruise liners

JPS Ships Supply Service, JSC

Services: Provision, bond, deck and engine stores, transport service, mooring service, custom clearance, crew change, ships agents

Jungent, JSC (Shell Authorized Distributor)

Services: Supply of Shell Lubricants to vessels

Jungtine ekspedicija, JSC

Services: Cargo carriage by ships, rail and motor transport; cargo transshipment in Klaipėda and other ports; services of customs intermediary; selection of the most optimal cargo carriage route, transport logistics; door to door cargo delivery; ship agency services for all types of vessels; ship freightage.

Juridus, JSC

Services: Consultation

Maritime Training Center

Services: Maritime Training Centre in Klaipeda was founded on 1st September of 1996. We offer a wide range of training courses for seafarers in accordance with the provisions of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW), 1978, as amended and the requirements of Lithuanian Maritime Safety Administration. Training Centre certified by Lithuanian Maritime Administration in accordance with STCW and Ministry of Education of Lithuania. GOC GMGSS Training Courses are certified by Norwegian Telenor (04.03.1998), Panama Maritime Training Services Inc. (12.04.1999) and Radiocommunications Agency, Ministry of Transport, the Netherlands (19.10.2000). Quality Management Certificate issued by BVQI in 1998. Quality Management System certified by Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI) in accordance with International Quality Standard ISO-9001:2000 since 1997. Scope of certification is „Development of training programs and providing training for seafarers in accordance with the requirements of STCW and legislation of the Republic of Lithuania“.  

Jūros navigatorius, JSC

Services: Vessel supply with charts, navigational literature, IMO, ITU publications. Correction of charts and navigational literature. Repair and inspection of navigational and radionavigational devices. Repair and tuning of binoculars. Repair and inspection of magnetic compasses. Adjusting and calibration of magnetic compass.

Jursera, JSC

Services: Shipbuilding and repair, technical survey. Ship chandlering services.

Jurtransa, JSC

Services: carriage of oversize and heavy cargoes, ships agent.

Forsa, JSC

Services: Ship agency, operatory and forwarding services; freightage.

Jūrų elektronikos įrengimai, JSC

Services: Radio electronics equipment installation on board: design, procurement, installation, and maintenance

Lithuanian Shipmasters Association

Services: Lithuanian Shipmasters Association


Services: Ship conventional inspection and certification according to international codes

Jūrų prekybos linija, JSC

Services: Ship chandler with foodstuffs, technical survey, cargo and people carriage.

Kaducėjus, JSC

Services: Freight Forwarding

Kaldas LT, JSC

Services: Ship repair, building, technical services, construction companies

Kamineros krovinių terminalas, JSC

Services: the company handles and provides storage of bulk and packed cargo (dry bulk and packed peat, peat briquettes, technological and fuel wood chips, scrap metal, clays, gravel and other dry building materials). It also offers agency-freight and mooring services; cargo storage services within Klaipėda Port territory and in the customs warehouses which are operated by the company

Klaipėdos inžinerinių tinklų statyba, JSC

Services: Laying of highway thermo-nets, plumbing and waste pipelines, service-pipes; installation of technological pipelines and equipment.

Klaipeda Stevedoring Company (KLASCO), AB

Services: at five specialized terminals (designated for general cargo, dry and liquid fertilizers, grain, and Ro-Ro cargo) the company handles and provides storage of dry, liquid and packed fertilizers, molasses, metal products, ferroalloys, frozen food products, grain crops, and other dry bulk and bulk cargo. The International Ferry Terminal handles Ro-Ro cargo and renders services to passengers. The company also provides towage services.

Klaipeda Container Terminal, JSC

Services: at two terminals (designated for containers and Ro-Ro cargo), the company handles container carriers, general cargo vessels and Ro-Ro ferries; the company provides the following services: cargo warehousing, storage, packaging, sorting, assembling and weighing, re-loading onto other means of transport; handling of non-standard / oversized / overweight cargo, handling of Ro-Ro units.

Klaipėdos kranai, AB

Services: The enterprise is certified and effects railway construction and repair works; installation of crane roads, local roads and sites (without asphalt cover); demolition and dismantlement of buildings and other constructions; installation and repair of tower, gantry, overhead cranes; earthwork in special construction objects; production and installation of metal constructions; repair and technical survey of all types of auto tugs, semitrailers and sale of spare parts. The enterprise is certified and is engaged in retail trade of oil products and carriage of heavy off-gauge cargo. There is a for all kinds of autos, tows with semitrailers in the enterprise.

Klaipėdos laivų remontas, AB

Services: 2003 the company started to act as an executive of newly opened cruisers terminal.

Klaipedos Meja, JSC

Services: Excursions for cruise ships. Other tourism services.

Klaipedos nafta, SC

Services: at the specialized oil terminal the company handles light and dark oil products, crude oil from railway tanks into tankers; provide discharge of crude oil and oil products from tankers into railway tanks; provides provisional storage of crude oil and oil products; provides discharge of petrol and diesel fuel (designated for local market) from tankers to tank-trucks. The company offers mooring services; identifies quality parameters of oil products; collects oily water from vessels, supplies vessels with fuel and water. Klaipėdos Nafta AB is an operator of Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal (LNG Terminal).

Klaipėdos Netas, JSC

Services: independent marine and cargo surveyors, insurance claims handling, vessel condition surveys, hatch cover surveys including ultrasonic testing, damage surveys, ship repair surveys, on-hire survey / off-hire survey, bunker survey, draft survey, pre-shipment inspections, cargo damage surveys, loading / discharge supervision, cargo quality control, cargo sampling, laboratory analysis, cargo inspections (fruit and perishables, deep frozen and refrigerated cargoes, dry bulk and bagged cargoes).

Klaipedos saldytuvu terminalas, JSC

Services: the company provides handling and storage of frozen cargo

Klaipedos Smelte, JSSC (Joint- Stock Stevedoring Company)

Services: The company provide storage and handling of containers, and oversized and overweight machinery, frozen meat and fish products, and other types of packed and bulk cargo. The company operates specialized warehouses (refrigerators) and open sites for cargo handling.

Klaipedos Translit, JSC

Services: Shipping agency services, cargo forwarding, cold storage and custom broker services

Klaipėdos žuvininkystės produktų aukcionas, JSC

Services: Fish freezing services Storing of frozen production services Production of ice Filletation and packaging

Klaitera, JSC

Services: Carriage of chemical products, liquid foodstuff by containers, trailers, tankcontainers.

LNG terminal

Services: FSRU (Floating Storage Regasification Unit) type LNG TERMINAL “INDEPENDENCE” is used for receiving of LNG from gas carriers; LNG storage and re-gasification; discharging of LNG to gas carriers.

Komodum, JSC

Services: Vehicle transportation. Collect individual cars purchased online. We work throughout Europe, Russia and Belarus. Technical assistance on the road all day, across Europe.

Konteksa, JSC

Services: Cargo forwarding in the port, cargo transportation by sea, truck and railway transport, full range of container services (FCL, LCL, warehousing, reloading, lashing, survey, etc), cargo delivery fm/to any destinations in CIS countries.

Kontransa, JSC

Services: Agency services to container line HAMBURG SUD/ALIANCA, OPDR; door to door delivery of containers.

Kontrol Union representative, JSC

Services: Loading, reloading inspection, taking samples and their analysis in the officially acknowledged laboratories of metals, food, bulk and liquid materials and reporting

Krantas Travel, JSC

Services: Services provided to cruise vessel and yacht passengers; Booking hotels; Transport rent; Business and recreational trips; Conference services; Sightseeing tours in Lithuania and the Baltic states; Tours either by bicycles or on foot.

Krovinių terminalas, JSC

Services: In the specialized terminal the company handles and provides storage of oil, chemical, and petrochemical products. The terminal can handle and discharge these products from both rail-tanks and tankers. The company can produce different types of oil products; it offers mooring services; cargo forwarding and transportation by rail within Lithuania, Belarus, and Latvia.

Kuusamet, JSC

Services: Kuusamet

Laivų Servisas, JSC

Services: Repair of electrical equipment

Laivų technika, JSC

Services: ..

Lithuanian Maritime Academy

Services: The main field of the Academy’s activity is education: higher non-university studies, improvement of qualification and retraining.

Lithuanian Seamen's Union

Services: Makes contracts with Lithuanian and foreign ship owners. Represents and protects legal interests of the members belonging to the union as far as relations with employers are concerned. Renders legal and other support in industrial disputes.

The Association of Lithuanian Stevedoring Companies

Services: The Association of Lithuanian Stevedoring Companies is a public organization, which implements its policies itself. The members of Association, discussing actual transport and transit issues, participate in the meetings organized by the Committees of LR Parliament and offer suggestions to the LR Transit Committee. The Association closely collaborates with the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Customs department solving all problems actual to port users.

Lithuanian Ship Suppliers Association

Services: Lithuanian Ship Suppliers Association

Association of Lithuanian Crewing Agencies

Services: Association of Lithuanian Crewing Agencies

Association of Lithuanian Shipowners (ALS)

Services: Association of Lithuanian Shipowners (ALS)

Association of Lithuanian Shipbuilders and Ship Repairers

Services: Association of Lithuanian Shipbuilders and Ship Repairers

Lithuanian Shipbrokers and Agents Association

Services: Lithuanian Shipbrokers and Agents Association

Lithuanian Logistics Association

Services: Lithuanian Logistics Association

LINEKA, Lithuanian National Association of Forwarders and Logistics

Services: LINEKA, Lithuanian National Associationof Forwarders and Logistics

LINAVA, Lithuanian National Road Carriers’ Association

Services: LINAVA, Lithuanian National Road Carriers’Association

Association of Lithuanian Producers of Fishery Products

Services: Association of Lithuanian Producers of Fishery Products

Limarko jūrų agentūra, UAB

Services: agency and forwarding services, carriage of containers and bulky cargo, agency of shipping lines.

Limarko Shipping Company, AB

Services: The company carries reefer and perishable products as well as dry bulk cargo.

Litagent, UAB

Services: Shipping agency, freight forwarding

Litiksa, UAB (Marine Lubricants)

Services: Ship bunkering: bulk supplies and pre-packed lubricants and oils. Oil bunkering services.

Litinspektus, JSC

Services: Control of cargo repository and hold, hold leakage test, cargo amount calculation according to the ship draught, On/Off-Hair survey ship condition, bunker-survey, cargo amount calculation, supervision of cargo operations, cargo control during reloading and before dispatch, cargo sample collection, cargo condition description, laboratory research.

Litma, UAB

Services: Ship agency services, cargo carriage by containers, cargo forwarding

Lloyd‘s Register EMEA Klaipėda branch

Services: Shipbuilding supervision services, vessel maintenance and certification, company and ship certification according to ISM & ISPS Codes, welding procedure approvals and welder approval tests.

Logistikos sprendimai, JSC

Services: Transport of bulk liquid cargo by road; Repair and maintainance of tank containers; Washing facility


Services: Transportation of shipping containers by sea and land, preparation of customs documents, warehousing services.

Mabrocona, JSC

Services: Marine brokers, Consultancies for Ship Building and Ship Repair, Condition survey's, Crewing, Rental of Floating Equipment
Marine insurance, Surveying

Makrokosmas, UAB

Services: execution of customs documents and „Intrastat” reports, representation of companies at the customs, provision of guarantees for customs procedures, payment of bank charges, customs duties and other taxes on behalf of the customer, control of customs procedures, consultation on the customs formalities.

Malkų įlankos terminalas, JSC

Services: at the specialized terminals the company handles and provides storage of bulk agricultural products, round and sawn timber, technological and fuel wood chips, peat briquettes, other types of dry bulk cargo, cement, oversized and overweight cargo.

Marikonta, UAB

Services: JSC „MARIKONTA“ Ltd. is the official agent of the shipping line Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) in the Baltics. The head office is located in Klaipėda whith branches in Riga (Latvia) and Tallinn (Estonia). We offer cargo carrying services along the HMM line‘s routes. The main carriage directions are the Far and Middle East and North America. We carry containers of all types (DV, HC, REF, OT, FR, etc.). More about HMM:

Marilita, UAB

Services: ship technical supply; food and other goods supply; organization of the change of the crew; transportation of parcels; transport services.

Marine Surveys & Services, JSC

Services: Ship Inspections

Marineda, JSC

Services: Cargo forwarding and shipping agency services. Specialised in forwarding timber products.

Mariteksa, JSC

Services: General Ship Supply, Ship Repair, Safety Equipment Service and Supply, Crewing Service.


Services: authorized service and sales dealer for many lead manufacturers of navigation & communication equipment

Maximumsat ,UAB

Services: 1. Satellite internet access and voice-over at sea. Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya, KVH, SeaTel, Thrane&Thrane, VSAT. (Installation, configuration and technical maintenance). 2. Satellite television at sea. KVH, SeaTel, NavSat, Intellian, Thrane&Thrane. (Installation, configuration and technical maintenance) 3. Satellite telephones. Iridium, Thuraya (Installation, SIM cards, account recharging). 4.Video-monitoring systems in ships. Outside and inside the ship (installation and configuration) 5. Optimization of satellite internet stream. Reduction of satellite internet costs. 6. Installation, configuration and optimization of computer networks in ships. 7. Support and repair of computers in ships (ship’s and personal computers).

Memelio inkaras, JSC

Services: Our company has got a shore gangs for cleaning holds. The shore cleaning gang is equipped with the high pressure machines, cherry pickers, falseworks and other proper equipment for the cleaning/washing. This is 100 % guarantee that holds of your vessel will be clean and ready for inspection in the port of loading.Working 24/7

Merlionas, JSC

Services: Merlionas is mainly specialized in dry bulk cargo transportation. Our team has extensive specialty knowledge and expertise in the movement of dry bulk shipping cargoes including: steel products, fertilizers, sawn timber products, grain cargoes. As a company we offer you services that are of the highest standard at extremely competitive rates. With the right price strategy, speed and flexibility, we can be your resource for getting things done.

META Engineering

Services: -

MK laivyba, UAB

Services: Vessel agensy services, chartering, cargo handling with mobile equipment, supervision of cargo handling.

Modul LT, JSC

Services: Modul LT ltd. offer all types of containers and modules for sales, to let.


Services: Container line agent; Cargo carriage by sea; Organization of carriages; Port services; Forwarding and logistics services.

Muita, JSC

Services: customs brokerage services (import, export, transit; Carnet TIR, CMR, ATA Carnet, T2L; transit guarantee; intrastat reports; preliminary declarations for Belarusian and Russian customs); audit of customs procedures; consulting on customs law; training.

Multitransas, JSC

Services: sea container services by overland transport, stevedoring, warehousing, customs clearance, representation in port, plant quarantine and border inspection posts

Naftos grupė, UAB

Services: Forwarding of oil products. Cargo carriage by rails of Lithuania, Byelorussia and CIS countries. Charter flights.

Narų servisas, JSC

Services: Professional underwater technical works: cutting, welding, diver service and technical works, hydrotechnical construction works, aquatorium bottom dredging and cleaning works, jet monitor, floating crane <50 t., removal of navigational barriers, underwater inspection with audio / video recording, emergency-rescue services, ship’s subsurface lifting, ship’s pulling from shallows, rescue on water, towing services, pontoons, rent of technical equipment and machinery, construction and reconstruction of special port (seaport) buildings and constructions since 1991.

Naujoji Alfa, UAB

Services: -

Nautilus Dive

Services: Our diver team is equipped with the modern implements that enable to make the in-water surveys or general underwater works without the vessel being dry-docked. Upon the customer's request the service can be rendered worldwide.

Navi grupė, JSC

Services: carriage of containers

Navisolis, JSC

Services: Ship agency and freight forwarding services

Neologistika, JSC

Services: Our company offers transportation services to/from European and Scandinavian

Neonafta, JSC

Services: Ship supply w/ bunker: MGO (marine gasoil) and lubricants. Oil products customs warehousing and transportation.

Nordis Shipping Service, JSC

Services: ship agency, freight forwarding.

Norspeda Logistics, JSC

Services: Ship agency, forwarding, customs intermediary services, carriage of refrigerated-general cargo by vessels/containers and further forwarding by auto or rail transport up to the designated area in the EU or the third countries.

Novadena, JSC

Services: .

Novatransa, JSC

Services: Novatransa” transports cargo’s within the European Union countries, Baltic countries, Russia and the CIS countries, Belarus and Ukraine. Main focus is 20 ir 40 feet containers, tank-containers and hazardous cargo‘s transportation from Klaipėda’s harbour.

Novikontas SCM, JSC

Services: Crewing, Posting, Training


Services: .

Nurminen Maritime, JSC

Services: Ship agency, cargo forwarding, customs mediation services, off-gauge cargo carriage, cargo carriage by rail and land, contracting of COSCO container line.

O.W.Bunker Klaipėda, JSC

Services: fuel (IFO 30 - IFO 380 and gasoil) supply to ships

Ocean container services, JSC

Services: Agency and forwarding services.


Services: Forwarding services

OJ Crew

Services: OJ Crew provides HR and recruitment services for maritime, Oil and Gas sectors

OLA Overseas Liner Baltic, UAB

Services: UAB "OLA Overseas Liner Baltic" is an official agent for YangMing line providing containership services.

Olinesta, UAB

Services: Shipbuilding and repair, technical survey, consultancy and marketing services

Orca marine, JSC

Services: Agency, Ship suppliers, Ship repair, building, technical services

Ostara, JSC

Services: .

OS–Agency, JSC

Services: Carriage of containerized cargo by ships, auto and rail transport, other seport related services. Agent of China Shipping Container Lines in Lithuania.

Overseas-Baltic, JSC

Services: Marine container transportation by sea, land transport. Cargo forwarding. Door- to-door services. Ship agents.

P.Markevičius ir Ko, JSC

Services: UAB P.Markevičius and Ko are the only official representative of ExxonMobil in Lithuania. For more than 20 years, the company has been supplying high-quality Mobil marine lubricants to its customers.

Palgardo kranai, JSC

Services: Loading/unloading services of timber, scrap-iron.


Services: Fumigation of cargos


Services: .

Persolita, JSC

Services: Our activities cover the whole range of marine - and offshore insulation all the way from comfort - and cooling insulation to sound proofing - and fire insulation

PIKASOMA Ship Supply Co.

Services: anchor chains, anchors, chemicals for ships and industrial use, zinc anodes, non-asbestos inserts

Piktra, JSC

Services: .

Plungės Jonis, JSC

Services: Plungės Jonis UAB builds and repairs railway tracks, auto tracks and streets, builds and repairs bridges and overbridges, assembles inner and outer water supply as well as drainage networks, effects restoration, repair and construction works of treatment plants, dumping grounds, melioration systems, hydrotechnic buildings, houses, immovable cultural values; reconstructs industrial buildings, equips floor in industrial objects having special purpose.


Services: Description of the services provided: wholesale and retail trade of oils, lubricants and petroleum products, operating fluids for cars, heavy and commercial vehicles, industry, agricultural machinery, ships, aviation, motorcycles, etc. Official representative: NYNAS AB (transformer oil), Rocol (the highest quality industrial lubricants), TELKO (automotive service fluids, window cleaning fluids, antifreeze, coolants), Representative offices in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

Polski rejestr statkow Klaipėda, JSC

Services: Ship Surveys

Prokontrolė, JSC

Services: The company specializing in full range supervision, inspection of all cargo types, survey  and consulting services to the marine logistics industry.

Promar, JSC

Services: .

Rekomsta, JSC

Services: Ships and yachts finishing, reconstruction, cosmetic works, all works concerned with interior issues

Relita, JSC

Services: Excursions for cruise ships. Other tourism srvices.

Rinella Service, JSC

Services: Ship agency, cargo forwarding, cargo carriage by containers


Services: RNDV Group is an international electrical engineering and interior outfitting company based in Lithuania. We specialize in Turn – Key electrical installation and interior outfitting projects in the shipbuilding industry.

Roselius, JSC

Services: Agency and freightage services

RS lietuviškas konteineris, JSC

Services: offers selling, long-term and short-term lease of all types of containers and additional equipment of containers, such as GenSet.


Services: Ships radio, navigation, satellite, fish finding equipment trade, project-designing, installation, testing, maintenance and repairs.

Rupeksa, JSC

Services: Crewing services (booking flights, hotels, arranging worldwide visa and insurance) in foreign fleet.

Sabelija, JSC

Services: Employees’ safety and health services, occupational risk evaluation, measurement of physical and chemical factors, fire safety, electrical safety, facility management, emergency management, formal and informal training and other services

Sabelijos Prekyba, JSC

Services: Work wear and footwear

Sadomaksa Klaipėda, JSC

Services: Company is doing all possible activities regarding marine containers – repairing, pretrip checking, supplying spare parts. Also repairing, servicing and renting marine containers diesel generators (GenSet units). Refrigerated road transport cooling equipment sales, repair and maintenance. Repairing conditioning systems on busses and couches.

Safe shipping, JSC

Services: Cargo forwarding, carriabe by sea transport, door-to-door delivery. Official agent of container line DAL Deutshe Africa - Linen GmbH & Co

Saga, JSC

Services: Crewing services to international fleet


Services: Crewing services for international fleet

Šalnos prekyba, UAB

Services: Sales, installation of marine refrigeration, air-conditioning and ventilation devices. Supply of spare parts for air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, refrigerant and components

Šalnos Servisas, JSC

Services: Repair, maintenance, installation of of ship refrigeration, air-conditioning and ventilation devices. Repair, replacement, services for: spare parts for air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, refrigerant and components.


Services: Samskip is a global logistics company offering transport and related services by land, sea, rail and air with a particular focus on cost efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly transport.

Saugalita, JSC

Services: -

Saurida, JSC

Services: -

Scandlines, JSC

Services: Booking and sale of tickets. Passenger registration.

Sedro grupė, JSC

Services: "SEDRO GRUPĖ"  for our customers offers optimal solutions for transporting their goods, and provides with the following services:

  • Ship supply and servicing
  • Ship agency services
  • Cargo expedition
  • Cargo warehousing-reloading
  • Containers and ship chartering
  • Customs agency
  • Consolidated cargo shipping
  • Cargo shipping of all types of transport


Services: Control of cargo repository and hold, hold leakage test, cargo amount calculation according to the ship draught, On/Off-Hair survey ship condition, bunker-survey, cargo amount calculation, supervision of cargo operations, cargo control during reloading and before dispatch, cargo sample collection, cargo condition description, laboratory research, inspection of radioactive impurity, temperature control, inspection of general, bulky cargo quantity and quality (food and agricultural products, fertilizers, tropical fruits, metal products, scrap-iron, timber and its products, peat, cement, oil and oil products).

SGS Klaipėda Ltd, JSC

Services: Cargo inspection services, analysis of mineral oil, oil products.

Siampeksas ir Co, JSC

Services: Wholesale and retail sale of coveralls, shoes, etc.

Simarina, JSC

Services: SIMARINA, UAB, specialises in the procurement and supply of a full range of technical goods, including marine spares and consumables. The company is a professional supplier in marine diesel parts and other ship equipment: - parts for engines YANMAR, DAIHATSU, AKASAKA, HANSHIN MAN, B&W, SULZER, PIELSTICK, MAK, SKL, DEUTZ; - new and used engines, genset; - turbochargers, air compressors; - pumps. purifiers; - deck equipment. Technical supply we declare and deliver spare parts to any region and port of the world.


Services: Marine engeenirring servises, maintance, shipshandlers

Skelmė, JSC

Services: Freight forwarding and trading in fish products.

Smiltynės perkėla, AB

Services: Ferry services for passengers and means of transport to carry them to/from Curonian Lagoon.

Sofitela, JSC

Services: Ship chandler, technical survey, supply of rescue, anti-fire and navigational devices, supervision and other services.

Spedman, JSC

Services: Freight transportation in containers by sea and motor transport, partial freight transportation services, freight transportation by air and railway, multimodal transportation, services of customs brokers and freight warehousing.


Services: FROSIO certified Inspector level 3 performs inspection of metallic surface pre-treatment prior to operations on painting or coating for corrosion prevention

StarMarine, UAB

Services: transportation of containers by sea and road transport; forwarding services.

Steelmeta, JSC

Services: Ultrasonic thickness measurements of vessels’ hulls’ constructions

Talmanas, JSC

Services: Evaluation of cargo quantity, inspection of cargo container, handling equipment, cargo, evaluation of cargo features, cargo sampling, inspection of handling equipment violation

Tarptautinės logistikos centras, JSC

Services: Arrange delivery from door to door by sea, railways and road; agency of all types of vessels in Klaipeda port

Techmaris, JSC

Services: Ship agency and crewing services, ship repair.

Termomontažas, JSC

Services: UAB “TERMOMONTAŽAS” is one of the oldest and most experienced insulation contractors in Klaipeda, Lithuania. We offer turnkey solutions of interior outfitting including demolition, design and installation for vessels and the maritime industry.

ThyssenKrupp Baltija, JSC

Services: The Company sells and rents steel sheet piles (TKL Larssen profile) and vibro-equipment for marine quays and special underground construction establishment.


Services: TLSC Company provides comprehensive shipping and forwarding services for any type of freight all over the world. In choosing a reliable logistics partner you are looking for the best quality / price ration. TLSC can efficiently and sparingly plan your time and costs, whilst at the same time providing top quality services. We ensure door-to-door delivery of all freight entrusted to our care.

Towmar Baltic, JSC

Services: Ship assistance in the port of Klaipeda; coastal towage; towing of floating cranes and barges; ship escort for safe passage; stand by at disabled vessels; barge transport; single buoy mooring assistance; tow out of offshore structures; inland waterway transport; icebreaker services; salvage and wreck removal; rent of boats, divers services; underwater repairs; rent of diver’s suits and equipment; brokerage of ships and other water transport; crew change on anchorage; ship supply service on anchorage; fresh water supply.

Transadria, JSC

Services: .

Transloga, JSC

Services: Freight forwarding


Services: We provide wide range of transportation services as Container, Ro-Ro, Road, Air, Rail, Multimodal Door to Door services and Project cargo transport.

Trendeom, JSC

Services: Forwarding, Ship suppliers.

Unimars, JSC

Services: Ship supply. Technical maintenance. Ship repair services. Ship supply with bonded stores. Navigational charts and navigational literature. Supply and inspection of fire-fighting and rescue means. Other services.

Unimona, JSC

Services: Container trading company. We buy, sell and transport new and used containers

V.Paulius & Associates, JSC

Services: storage services

Vakarai, UAB

Services: UAB "Vakarai" - the ship's hull structures repair, hull construction welding, rust cleaning, priming, painting, galvanizing across the board, deck coatings cleaning Blastrac.

Vakarų Baltijos laivų statykla, JSC

Services: Ship repair, ship building

Vakarų buitis, JSC

Services: works related to the preparation of vessels for repair and ensuring cleanliness during the production and repair of vessels.

Vakarų centrinė laboratorija, JSC

Services: Vessel hull and weld flaw detection and non-destructive testing, vessel engine and vessel equipment flaw detection and non-destructive testing, metal construction flaw detection and non-destructive testing, tank polution analysis, oil product analysis, air and water analysis, ecological monitoring, measurement equipment repair.

Vakarų Dagvis, JSC

Services: .

Vakarų krova, JSC

Services: the company handles and provides storage of bulk cargo (agricultural products, fertilizers, salt, kaolin, etc.), dry bulk cargo (scrap metal, gravel, limestone, peat, etc.), liquid cargo (bio-diesel fuel, molasses, etc.), general cargo (round timber, various types of packed cargo), non-standard and oversized machinery. The company owns and operates 4 specialized terminals for handling and storage of dry bulk and liquid products

Vakaru laivu agentai, UAB (Western Ships Agency)

Services: Ship agency services

Vakarų laivų gamykla, AB

Services: ship building, ship repair and conversion, port stevedoring operations and storage / warehousing services (liquid, bulk and general cargo terminals), production of metal structures (over 500 tons in weight), metal cutting and processing, technical supply, buying of scarp metal, mooring services; cargo transportation within Lithuania and abroad.

Vakarų laivų remontas, JSC

Services: Repair and conversion of ships

Confederation of West Lithuanian Fishermen and Fish Processing Enterprises

Services: Confederation of West Lithuanian Fishermen and Fish Processing Enterprises

Vakarų Transporto Logistika, JSC

Services: Provides cargo / container delivery services own transport park with GPS tracking system. Cargo/container delivery service by railroad. Organizes cargo handling at the port. Customs brokerage services, customs representation. Cargo warehousing services. Container shipping sea.

Varitecha, JSC

Services: Ship technical supply: paint, cleaner, gas, pyrotechnics, rescue equipment, spare parts and equipment.

Velifera, JSC

Services: Cargo quantity inspection, quality control, cargo condition survey and control, draught-survey, On/Off Hire Survey, Bunker-survey, survey of cargo holds and other cargo tanks and water-tightness inspection, superintendence to cargo handling operations, cargo sampling and sending for laboratory testing, radioactivity testing, superintendence to cargo securing/lashing.

Velteka, JSC

Services: Cargo forwarding, international marine cargo shipping in containers (less-than-container load (LCL) / full-container-load services (FCL)), logistic solutions, customs warehousing, execution of customs documents and customs clearance, other services on cargo documentation

Vigolin-LT, JSC

Services: Cargo trasportation by railway, sea, land. Services of cargo loading,storage and customs documentation handling. Commercial agent for shipping company United Heavy Lift/Germany used for transportation specialized  fleet of heavy lift vessels.

Vingės logistika, JSC

Services: Cargo forwarding, customs brokerage services, rent of commercial and customs warehouses. Facilities for storage of both food commodities and goods of plant origin that do not require special temperature regime (refrigerators). Rent of administrative premises.

Vinko, JSC

Services: Forwarding, ship suppliers, ship repair, building, technical services, customs agent

Vipakus, JSC

Services: Mobil, Texaco, Lotos, Gazprom, NVS(GOST) oil, grease and operating fluid supply to vessels and port companies

Volfra-Klaipėda, JSC

Services: Cargo carriage in containers to/from European ports all around the world, overland transport services, customs formalities regulation.

VPA Logistics, JSC

Services: Customs intermediary and veterinary services, ship agency, transportation and forwarding services, cargo insurance, cargo handling, multimodal Door-To-Door transportation.


Services: Engine and system repair, propellers and equipment related, hydraulic equipment, controller device maintenance , gyro centering with the help of laser,monitoring of load and vibration to bearings, crankshaft and mechanical treatment services on site, renewal and renewed parts, industrial services.

Westtransit, JSC

Services: Freight forwarding services, transportation, logistics, brokerage services at the customs border posts

Wm H. Muller & Co., UAB

Services: agency and forwarding services

ZIM Agency, JSC

Services: Zim Integrated Shipping Ltd is a leading carrier in the global container shipping industry

Žuvitakis, JSC

Services: collection and utilization of polluted water

"Baltijos žvejas" association

Services: Fishermen and Fish Processors Association.

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