A pipeline to link ORLEN Lietuva and Klaipedos Nafta

2013 10 30

The companies have signed a letter of intent regarding potential cooperation in evaluating ORLEN Lietuva’s future crude oil & petroleum pipeline. “The project of the product pipeline to a seaside terminal will be beneficial to both ORLEN Lietuva and the whole Lithuanian petroleum product market.

We estimate that such investment will not only facilitate economic reasons of our business operations but at the same time will generate an increase of the refinery annual throughput capacity by more than 10%, up to 11 million tonnes,” highlighted Ireneusz Fąfara, General Director of ORLEN Lietuva. ORLEN Lietuva is a subsidiary of the Polish state-owned company PKN Orlen and operates the only refinery across the Baltic States – in Mažeikiai (which has a crude oil pipeline connection with the Butinge terminal).

The company’s refinery processes approx. 10 mln tn of crude oil per year. According to the ORLEN Lietuva, the firm is Lithuania’s largest tax payer. Klaipedos Nafta operates a terminal for liquid cargo in the Port of Klaipeda. The company can serve tankers up to 100,000 dwt (275 m LOA, 50 m beam, 13 m draught). Klaipedos Nafta offers also 465,500 m3 of storage space for crude oil and oil products.

Publication date: 2013-10-30

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