The harbor crane with an excessively large handling power has been brought to the new "Bega" agribulk terminal

2012 08 30

During the past two and a half years “Bega” invested more than 80 mln. Lt. into increase of cargo handling capacity and during the same period built a multipurpose agricultural product export-import terminal, which is able to load 2,5 mln. tons of bulk cargo annually.

Klaipeda State Seaport Directorate in its turn initiated construction of the pier, which is built to maintain operations carried out at the terminal being already built and at the terminals planned to be built at the northern area by the company, which are scheduled in the port infrastructure and terminal expansion program being implemented by the company until 2020.

The company “Bega” has already mounted a very effective mobile ship loader on the pier, and this week the new quays will receive a mobile port crane with 124 t. of load capacity. It has been shipped to the company by a special barge from Rostock port. The mounting works were completed locally and the crane has been prepared for operation.

The new crane is specially designed for bulk cargo loading, i.e. its structure will allow avoiding leakage of the product or formation of dust around it. Considering the company‘s plans and tasks, it has been manufactured currently the largest grapple around the Baltic ports, which is able to scoop 42 m3 of cargo.

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