Services: Ship agency

All Overseas, UAB

Services: ship agency and cargo forwarding services, customs brokerage

Almarina, UAB

Services: Agency and freightage services

Argotransa, JSC

Services: The company renders freight forwarding, freight transport by land and sea, loading operations, ship agency and other related services.

Arijus, UAB

Services: Freight forwarding, Logistics, Road haulage, Oversized cargoes, Shipping line agency, Special projects, Sales and lease of container chassis, Customs brokerage.

Art Shipping, UAB

Services: Agency, freightage.

Astramara, UAB

Services: Agency and forwarding services

Avantika, UAB

Services: Shipping agency services to all types of ships

Baltijos grupė, UAB

Services: Cargo forwarding, services from door to door, line agency and ship agency services, freightage, brokerage, logistics, regulation of customs formalities, warehouse.

Baltijos pervežimai, JSC

Services: JSC “Baltijos pervežimai" / Baltic Shipping is one of the leading companies in the Baltic States in the area of shipping and cargo forwarding.

Baltnautic Shipping Ltd.

Services: Agency service, freightage, ship chandler, technical survey, operation of tramp vessels.

Bega, Klaipeda Stevedoring Company, UAB (Private Limited Liability)

Services: The company specializes in handling of dry and liquid bulk products. The company has created all the necessary port infrastructure and superstructure, installed modern automated loading/unloading, transportation and storage technologies for handling of dry and liquid chemical, construction, food industry, agricultural and other products. BEGA offers a full range of logistic solutions, including port services, freight forwarding, distribution, transshipment, HUB-port services, ship agency, packing of bulk products and others. Certificates held: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, GMP+

Benmorė, JSC

Services: Ship agency, cargo/container forwarding services, transportation of cargo to CIS by sea, land and railroads, cargo handling and storage services in the port of Klaipeda

BMG logistika, JSC

Services: Ship supply and servicing, ship agency services, cargo expedition, cargo warehousing-reloading, containers and ship chartering, customs agency, consolidated cargo shipping with containers, cargo shipping of all types of transport, 3PL (third part logistic) full product service

BPA (Baltic Port Agency), JSC

Services: Cargo Farwarding, shipping agency services

CF&S Lithuania, JSC

Services: Activities:

  • Agency
  • Railway transport
  • High & Heavy transport
  • Container transport
  • Customs agency
  • Warehousing & distribution
  • Road transport
  • Temperature controlled cargo
  • Sea transport
  • Own rolling stock
  • Air transport

Delamode Baltics, JSC

Services: European Groupage transport Part & full loads (Baltics and Europe) Domestic Distribution Fleet Chartering Sea & Air Freight Management

DFDS Seaways, AB

Services: Transportation and services provided for cargo and passengers by ferry lines from Klaipeda to Kiel, Karlshamn, Copenhagen/Fredericia. Logistics and agency services.

Eimlina, JSC

Services: Ship loading and unloading. Ship chandlering by all kinds of technical and ship supply products. Shiprepair, including diver inspection and docking. Ship survey by experts-surveyors from Russia, Norway, Germany, Poland. Electric installation and repair (including GMDSS).

Eksmaris, JSC

Services: Cargo transportation by railroads to the Europe, CIS and the Baltic states; cargo transportation by sea; agent services for different type and weight of cargo for those companies that guarantee safe transportation of cargo to the right port and on the right time; agent services of all types of ships in Klaipeda port.

Estma Klaipėda, JSC

Services: Ship agency and cargo forwarding services

Eurochem Logistics International, JSC

Services: Shipping agency, Customs broker, Freight forwarding, Oversized cargo transportation, Transportation by inland waterways, Coordination of stevedoring,Work with railways.

Euroga, JSC

Services: Transport forwarding and agency services, cargo loading/reloading, storage, customs intermediary services, ship agency services, shipbrockers services

Forlika, JSC

Services: Various types of cargo is forwarded in the ports of Klaipeda and kaliningrad, ship agency services.

Frigate shipping agency, JSC

Services: Agency services, forwarding services, cargo transportation in containers

Golfinas, JSC

Services: Ship agency, cargo forwarding service, chartering, crew changing service

Green terminal, JSC

Services: Storage of frozen products, ship agency and cargo forwarding services.

Greencarrier Liner Agency LT, JSC

Services: Cargo forwarding services, transportation by sea, door-to-door service.

Jungtine ekspedicija, JSC

Services: Cargo carriage by ships, rail and motor transport; cargo transshipment in Klaipėda and other ports; services of customs intermediary; selection of the most optimal cargo carriage route, transport logistics; door to door cargo delivery; ship agency services for all types of vessels; ship freightage.

Jurtransa, JSC

Services: carriage of oversize and heavy cargoes, ships agent.

Forsa, JSC

Services: Ship agency, operatory and forwarding services; freightage.

Klaipedos Translit, JSC

Services: Shipping agency services, cargo forwarding, cold storage and custom broker services

Kontransa, JSC

Services: Agency services to container line HAMBURG SUD, W.E.C.; door to door delivery of containers.,

Laivų technika, JSC

Services: ..

Limarko jūrų agentūra, UAB

Services: agency and forwarding services, carriage of containers and bulky cargo, agency of shipping lines.

Litagent, UAB

Services: Shipping agency, freight forwarding

Marikonta, UAB

Services: JSC „MARIKONTA“ Ltd. is the official agent of the shipping line Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) in the Baltics. The head office is located in Klaipėda whith branches in Riga (Latvia) and Tallinn (Estonia). We offer cargo carrying services along the HMM line‘s routes. The main carriage directions are the Far and Middle East and North America. We carry containers of all types (DV, HC, REF, OT, FR, etc.). More about HMM:

Marineda, JSC

Services: Cargo forwarding and shipping agency services. Specialised in forwarding timber products.

MK laivyba, UAB

Services: Vessel agensy services, chartering, cargo handling with mobile equipment, supervision of cargo handling.

Navisolis, JSC

Services: Ship agency and freight forwarding services

Nordis Shipping Service, JSC

Services: ship agency, freight forwarding.

Norspeda Logistics, JSC

Services: Crewing agency, Ship agency, cargo forwarding, customs mediation services, carriage of refrigerated-general cargo by vessels/containers and further forwarding by auto or rail transport up to the Final destination places.

Nurminen Maritime, JSC

Services: Ship agency, cargo forwarding, customs mediation services, off-gauge cargo carriage, cargo carriage by rail and land, contracting of COSCO Shipping Lines Ltd. container line.

Ocean container services, JSC

Services: Agency and forwarding services.

Onzė, JSC

Services: Online tarnsport rate calculation platform Cargo transport by sea Cargo transport by air Cargo transport by road Cargo transport by rail Intermodal cargo carriage Multimodal transport

Overseas-Baltic, JSC

Services: Marine container transportation by sea, land transport. Cargo forwarding. Door- to-door services. Ship agents.

Rinella Service, JSC

Services: Ship agency, cargo forwarding, cargo carriage by containers

Roselius, JSC

Services: Agency and freightage services

Safe shipping, JSC

Services: Cargo forwarding, carriabe by sea transport, door-to-door delivery. Official agent of container line DAL Deutshe Africa - Linen GmbH & Co


Services: Multimodal transport by land, sea and air. Cargo transportation from door to door. Container transportation by sea, by land, by rail. General, oversize and partial cargo transportation. Provides full range of logistics services as well as customs broker services.

Sea Connect, JSC

Services: The company provides agency, forwarding, sea container shipping services by sea and multimodal transport.

Sedro grupė, JSC

Services: "SEDRO GRUPĖ"  for our customers offers optimal solutions for transporting their goods, and provides with the following services:

  • Ship supply and servicing
  • Ship agency services
  • Cargo expedition
  • Cargo warehousing-reloading
  • Containers and ship chartering
  • Customs agency
  • Consolidated cargo shipping
  • Cargo shipping of all types of transport

Skelmė, JSC

Services: Freight forwarding and trading in fish products.

Švyturio logistika, UAB

Services: Team of professionals with 15+ years of experience are dedicated to provide services for:

  • Road and railway transport,
  • Ship agency and chartering,
  • Container handling and shipping,
  • Multimodal freight transportation,
  • Warehouse storage for any kind of cargo,
  • Customs clearance.

Tarptautinės logistikos centras, JSC

Services: Arrange delivery from door to door by sea, railways and road; agency of all types of vessels in Klaipeda port

Techmaris, JSC

Services: Ship agency and crewing services, ship repair.


Services: We provide wide range of transportation services as Container, Ro-Ro, Road, Air, Rail, Multimodal Door to Door services and Project cargo transport.

Uosto vartai, JSC

Services: Forwarding services of all types of cargo, railway transportation by Russian, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Byelorussian and Lithuanian railways, road transport, agency of all types of calling vessels.

V.Paulius & Associates, JSC

Services: storage services

Vakaru laivu agentai, UAB (Western Ships Agency)

Services: Western Ships Agency is a daughter-company of the Western Shipyard. Western Ships Agency core activity is to provide the Best assistance in Klaipeda port to the Ship Owners and Operators for any matters during vessel’s stay in Klaipeda and Tallinn ports. Our strongest side is to provide multipurpose agency services for long-term extraordinary projects for all types of vessel calls in Klaipeda and Tallinn ports: ship repairs, conversions, cargo operations, lay-ups and others.

VPA Logistics, JSC

Services: Customs intermediary and veterinary services, ship agency, transportation and forwarding services, cargo insurance, cargo handling, multimodal Door-To-Door transportation.

Wm H. Muller & Co., UAB

Services: agency and forwarding services

ZIM Agency, JSC

Services: Zim Integrated Shipping Ltd is a leading carrier in the global container shipping industry

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