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Adampolis, JSC

Services: Ship engine repair works and ship maintenance. Ship supply with oils and lubricants, filters, spare parts.

Aksesa, UAB

Services: Ship technical supply

Alindra, JSC

Services: .

Alterijus, JSC

Services: Ship chandlering by lubricating oils. Pump services.

Angilema, JSC

Services: Inspection of cargo quality and quantity, fresh water supply to the ships, transportation of containers

Autotrade, JSC

Services: .

Baltic Clouds, JSC

Services: Ship repair, technical services, ship suppliers.

Baltic Escella, JSC

Services: JSC "Baltic Escella" propose fast and flexible ship supply services to all merchant vessels, tankers, ferries and navy vessels calling Lithuanian and Latvian ports.

Baltic Industrial, JSC

Services: Authorized dealership of Cummins and Kubota engines and gensets. Spare parts delivery, engine service and maintenance, warranty and after warranty service.


Services: Ship Supply, CHUGOKU Marine paint & Chemicals

Baltic Oil Company, JSC

Services: Vessel supply of diesel oil products, collection and utilization of waste waters, oily rags, engine oil, plastic, food waste

Baltijos Brigantina, JSC

Services: Ships chandler by food, alcohol and tobacco, technical supply, ship repair services

Baltmarine Trading, UAB

Services: Marine and industrial supply in ports of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

Baltnautic Shipping Ltd.

Services: Agency service, freightage, ship chandler, technical survey, operation of tramp vessels.

Beijer refrigeration, JSC

Services: The UAB „Beijer refrigeration“ is the leading refrigeration wholesale and supplier in Lithuania of components and systems such as air conditioning, commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment.

Berg, JSC

Services: Underwater technical and rescue works

BMG logistika, JSC

Services: Ship supply and servicing, ship agency services, cargo expedition, cargo warehousing-reloading, containers and ship chartering, customs agency, consolidated cargo shipping with containers, cargo shipping of all types of transport, 3PL (third part logistic) full product service

Bratoil, JSC

Services: The company provides ship supply fuel (bunkering)


Services: SHIPPLES - is an online marketplace that specializes in the shipping industry (boats, ports, cargo handling, offshore and onshore, individual vessels) It is the first trading platform of its kind dedicated exclusively to the Baltic Sea Ports. If you are: manufacturers, official representatives, and local Brands then company can help you.

Chandlerita, JSC

Services: Chandlerita ship supply offers following services:
Provision, Bonded stores, Deck, Engine, Cabin  stores, Navigation charts, Workwear, Steel materials, Electric motor rewinding in 24 H, Welding services, ships  medicines, all type JIS & DIN valves, electrical equipment, acetylene, oxygen cylinders reffiling, inspections and calibration of safety equipment, gas detectors, Magnetic compass Survey, Deviation Cart Inssurance, crew transportation service, anti piracy measures. Fast profesional services at ports Klaipeda, Liepaja, Ventspils, Riga, Tallinn, Gdynia, Gdansk.

Circle K Lietuva, JSC

Services: Circle K Lithuania supplies high quality marine fuel.

Coloris LT, JSC

Services: Welding equipment, welding accessories, consumables, grinding equipment, grinding accessories, consumables, tools & more, safety wear & PPE, service.

Delamode Baltics, JSC

Services: European Groupage transport Part & full loads (Baltics and Europe) Domestic Distribution Fleet Chartering Sea & Air Freight Management

DVR paslaugos, JSC

Services: -

Eimlina, JSC

Services: Ship loading and unloading. Ship chandlering by all kinds of technical and ship supply products. Shiprepair, including diver inspection and docking. Ship survey by experts-surveyors from Russia, Norway, Germany, Poland. Electric installation and repair (including GMDSS).

Elmelit, JSC

Services: Supply of machinery, ship‘s supply, warehousing services, supply of welding materials, power installation cables, certified marine cables, zinc protectors, bearings, hydraulic supplies, etc.


Services: Ship repair, building, technical services; ship chandlering

Garant Group, JSC

Services: Shiprepair, submarine technical works, inspection and repair of rescue and fire-fighting equipment, ship supply

Genkonta, JSC

Services: JSC Genkonta is a company for managing international and local projects, which are related to industrial and civil construction, technological and production lines and processes.We can also carry out shipbuilding and repair projects. We can be your general contractor or subcontractor, from detail to all our services: professional design and calculations, engineering, materials and work. Qualified project managers and specialists will implement your projects efficiently, qualitatively and safely.

Gindana, JSC

Services: Fuel supply to ships

Harbour Enterprise Klaipėda, JSC

Services: Fire-fighting and life-saving equipments sale, examination and repair. Ship-supply of any goods or products, bond stores.

Henda, JSC

Services: Company provides hotels, sanatoriums, spa centers and other companies who recieves guests with these products: Compact hotel cosmetics, towels, bathrobes, slippers, hairdryers, mini bars, feather-beds, bedclothes, shoes shine machines, luggage trolleys, trouser smoothing press, accessories for hotels and others. Also company supplies high quality cleaning products.

Intalka, JSC

Services: -

JPS Ships Supply Service, JSC

Services: Provision, bond stores, deck and engine stores, transport service, custom clearance, crew change, ships agents, cash to master services.

Jungent Lietuva, JSC (Shell Authorized Distributor)

Services: Supply of Shell Lubricants to vessels

Jurtransa, JSC

Services: carriage of oversize and heavy cargoes, ships agent.

Jūrų prekybos linija, JSC

Services: Ship chandler with foodstuffs, technical survey, cargo and people carriage.

Kauno Grūdai, AB

Services: We carry out fumigation (destruction of pests with phosphine gas) in port warehouses, in grain stores of any type and size, in sea containers, wagons, other vehicles, etc. After fumigation, we issue certificates for fumigated products. We test phosphine gas concentrations in ship trunks, warehouses, any other containers, raw materials, or products that are highly sensitive and accurate electronic devices. We carry ventilation of grain or any other products. After fumigation, we constantly check the amount of phosphine gas from electronic devices and inform the customer when the products are safe to use.

Klaipėdos laivų remontas, AB

Services: 2003 the company started to act as an executive of newly opened cruisers terminal.

Linartika, JSC

Services: Washing of bed linen, towels, tablecloths, blankets, curtains. Washing and cleaning of work clothes. Removal of specific stains from clothes or linen. Washing and cleaning of materials such as Gore-tex, Climatic, Cordura, etc. Cleaning of carpets and carpet tracks. Collection and delivery of clothes, laundry from/to your home or work place.

Litiksa, UAB

Services: Ship bunkering: bulk supplies and pre-packed lubricants and oils. Oil bunkering services.

Marilita, UAB

Services: ship technical supply; food and other goods supply; organization of the change of the crew; transportation of parcels; transport services.

Maristal, JSC

Services: We supply ship engine, deck, cabin stores equipment and materials. - pipe fittings, electrical goods, lamps, accumulators, gauges, thermometers, bearings;- pumps, separators, filters, compensators, spare parts; - bridge windows wipers, windows blinds, logbooks, various deck mechanisms; - household appliances for ships, boat furniture, locks, furniture fittings, plumbing; - protective films and materials for floor, deck, walls, doors, furniture during the repair of the ship; - shrink film for covering yachts and boats during winter season The company supply goods to any port in the world.

Mariteksa, JSC

Services: General Ship Supply, Ship Repair, Safety Equipment Service and Supply, Crewing Service.

MB Aztec oils baltic

Services: MB Aztec oils baltic is an official distributor for Aztec oils in Baltic region.

Mentum AS

Services: Mentum is an exclusive ambassador distributor of BP and Castrol branded lubricants and technical fluids in the Baltic States from the 1st of November 2007. Alongside distribution license for Castrol Automotive lubricants, Mentum is also an official Castrol Marine and Industrial Distributor from 2017 and Castrol Classic Distributor from 2018. Mentum is also the sole lubricant distributor in its market with a membership in the United Kingdom Lubricants Association (UKLA) and the Union of the European Lubricants Industry (UEIL) from 2019. With that strategic move, Mentum is the sole Baltics delegation to UEIL with a unique access to lubricants related information network, knowledge and expertize. Mentum is also the sole specialist in the Baltics providing lubricants related professional consultancy and counceling under the Certificate of Lubricants Competence program by UKLA. Services :

  1. Distribution and sales of Castrol and BP lubricants for marine, automotive, agri, motorcycle, classic cars and industrial sectors.
  2. Castrol Marine lubricants pumping at the seaports of Baltic states.
  3. Castrol Marine products distribution and sales worldwide.
  4. Expert counceling of lubricants related issues and professional problem solving

Modul LT, JSC

Services: Modul LT ltd. offer all types of containers and modules for sales, to let.

O.W.Bunker Klaipėda, JSC

Services: fuel (IFO 30 - IFO 380 and gasoil) supply to ships


Services: Ship agency, ship supply, ship repair, shipbuilding, technical and marine marketing services

Ostara, JSC

Services: .

Overship service, JSC


  • Ship repair services.
  • Providing ship crews with mobile Internet.
  • Supply of ships of any kind with provisions.
  • Personal orders of crew members.
  • Navigational charts and navigational literature.
  • Supply of vessels with fire-fighting equipment and their inspection.
  • Change of the crew, as well as its transportation to the city.
  • Other services.

P.Markevičius ir Ko, JSC

Services: UAB P.Markevičius and Ko are the only official representative of ExxonMobil in Lithuania. For more than 20 years, the company has been supplying high-quality Mobil marine lubricants to its customers.

Parsekas, JSC

Services: UAB Parsekas was founded in 2003. The main activity of the company is to collect contaminated water and other pollutants from ships in the Klaipėda Seaport and to collect waste from other production objects. Peculiarities of main activity: company collects various wastes from ships in Klaipeda port, from other production facilities and delivers them to the disposal station. Household waste, oil-contaminated water and other waste collection is carried out by driving means. The collected oil-contaminated waste is loaded into special containers, tanks or tank trucks. Both water and land transport vessels – collectors and tankers are used for driving/ collection.


Services: .

PIKASOMA Marine Supply Co.

Services: anchor chains, anchors, chemicals for ships and industrial use, zinc anodes, non-asbestos inserts


Services: Description of the services provided: wholesale and retail trade of oils, lubricants and petroleum products, operating fluids for cars, heavy and commercial vehicles, industry, agricultural machinery, ships, aviation, motorcycles, etc. Official representative: NYNAS AB (transformer oil), Rocol (the highest quality industrial lubricants), TELKO (automotive service fluids, window cleaning fluids, antifreeze, coolants), Representative offices in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.


Services: Ship repair and conversion, technical services, ship supply

Prosolas, JSC

Services: Service of life-saving and fire-fighting equipment, maintenance of fire-fighting systems,  Lifeboats, rescue boats and davits. Fire extinguishers, hydrants, fire hoses, breathing apparatuses, cylinder hydrotesting, breathing air refiling, air analysis, foam analysis, lifejackets, immersion suits, chemical suits,  crane water bag (water load) testing, marine electronics (VDR, GMDSS, GYRO COMPASS, ECDIS), monometer calibration, gas detectors  and other services and supplies.

Proteko, JSC

Services: Smoothly, quickly and efficiently supply all personal protection equipment, safety shoes, work clothes, work gloves etc.

Raguvilė, JSC

Services: The type of activities of the company – collection of possible contaminants, rubbish and pollution in vessel and factory facilities. Sewage system repair and maintenance. Supplying and manufacturing bio fuel. Heavy duty equipment rent and deliver. Facility enviroment maintenance.


Services: Ships radio, navigation, satellite, fish finding equipment trade, project-designing, installation, testing, maintenance and repairs.

Sabelijos Prekyba, JSC

Services: Work wear and footwear

Šalnos prekyba, UAB

Services: Sales, installation of marine refrigeration, air-conditioning and ventilation devices. Supply of spare parts for air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, refrigerant and components

Saurida, JSC

Services: -

Sedro grupė, JSC

Services: "SEDRO GRUPĖ"  for our customers offers optimal solutions for transporting their goods, and provides with the following services:

  • Ship supply and servicing
  • Ship agency services
  • Cargo expedition
  • Cargo warehousing-reloading
  • Containers and ship chartering
  • Customs agency
  • Consolidated cargo shipping
  • Cargo shipping of all types of transport

Shipsera, JSC

Services: .

Siampeksas ir Co, JSC

Services: Wholesale and retail sale of coveralls, shoes, etc.

Simarina, JSC

Services: SIMARINA, UAB, specialises in the procurement and supply of a full range of technical goods, including marine spares and consumables. The company is a professional supplier in marine diesel parts and other ship equipment: - parts for engines YANMAR, DAIHATSU, AKASAKA, HANSHIN MAN, B&W, SULZER, PIELSTICK, MAK, SKL, DEUTZ; - new and used engines, genset; - turbochargers, air compressors; - pumps. purifiers; - deck equipment. Technical supply we declare and deliver spare parts to any region and port of the world.


Services: Marine engeenirring servises, maintance, shipshandlers

Skuba, JSC

Services: Wholesale and retail of oils, lubricants and petroleum products, operating fluids for ships, automobiles, heavy and commercial vehicles, industry, agricultural machinery, aviation, motorcycles. Official distributor: Texaco, Gulf, Gulf Marine, Oest, Petronas, Bardahl, Mannol. Operating and technical fluids, window washes, antifreeze, coolant.

Sofitela, JSC

Services: Ship chandler, technical survey, supply of rescue, anti-fire and navigational devices, supervision and other services.

Švyturio logistika, UAB

Services: Team of professionals with 15+ years of experience are dedicated to provide services for:

  • Road and railway transport,
  • Ship agency and chartering,
  • Container handling and shipping,
  • Multimodal freight transportation,
  • Warehouse storage for any kind of cargo,
  • Customs clearance.

Termomontažas, JSC

Services: UAB “TERMOMONTAŽAS” is one of the oldest and most experienced insulation contractors in Klaipeda, Lithuania. We offer turnkey solutions of interior outfitting including demolition, design and installation for vessels and the maritime industry.

Toskanas, JSC

Services: JSC Toskanas is a wholesale company of food products, alcohol and soft drinks, Household and personal care products.

Trendeom, JSC

Services: Forwarding, Ship suppliers.

Unimars, JSC

Services: Ship supply. Technical maintenance. Ship repair services. Ship supply with bonded stores. Navigational charts and navigational literature. Supply and inspection of fire-fighting and rescue means. Other services.

Vakarai, UAB

Services: UAB "Vakarai" - the ship's hull structures repair, hull construction welding, rust cleaning, priming, painting, galvanizing across the board, deck coatings cleaning Blastrac.

Vakarų buitis, JSC

Services: works related to the preparation of vessels for repair and ensuring cleanliness during the production and repair of vessels.

Vakaru laivu agentai, UAB (Western Ships Agency)

Services: Western Ships Agency is a daughter-company of the Western Shipyard. Western Ships Agency core activity is to provide the Best assistance in Klaipeda port to the Ship Owners and Operators for any matters during vessel’s stay in Klaipeda and Tallinn ports. Our strongest side is to provide multipurpose agency services for long-term extraordinary projects for all types of vessel calls in Klaipeda and Tallinn ports: ship repairs, conversions, cargo operations, lay-ups and others.

Varitecha, JSC

Services: Ship technical supply: paint, cleaner, gas, pyrotechnics, rescue equipment, spare parts and equipment.

Vipakus, JSC

Services: Mobil, Texaco, Lotos, Gazprom, NVS(GOST) oil, grease and operating fluid supply to vessels and port companies

Wurth Lietuva, JSC

Services: Professional mounting tools, fasteners - wholesale, retail. Workplace Safety - Wholesale, Retail Chemical Products: Car Cosmetics, Cleaning, Care, Gluing, Sealing - Wholesale, Retail.

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