Laivų remontas, statyba, techninis aptarnavimas

ABS Contractor, JSC

Services: Management of design, production and installation of various metal structures, project management. Labour force hire and crewing. Recruitment and agency services for onshore and offshore personnel.

AC Engineering, JSC

Services: ...

Adampolis, JSC

Services: Ship engine repair works and ship maintenance. Ship supply with oils and lubricants, filters, spare parts.

Adoris, JSC

Services: ship repair

Adrijus, JSC

Services: .

Alindra, JSC

Services: .

Amekus, JSC

Services: Fire alarm system, video surveillance system, access control, computer, communication, security alarm, low voltage automation system installation, technical service, technical maintenance and system design. Our company practice meet these standards: ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 27001:2013.

Apoil, JSC

Services: Fuel supply to ships


Services: .


Services: The company specializes in reuse of ships, various metal structures dismantling.

Aros Marine, JSC

Services: Ship repair, construction, maintenance

Aukra Maritime, UAB

Services: .

Autonomas, UAB

Services: Cleaning of the engine room, holds and cargo tanks.

Baltic Clouds, JSC

Services: Ship repair, technical services, ship suppliers.

Baltic Escella, JSC

Services: JSC "Baltic Escella" propose fast and flexible ship supply services to all merchant vessels, tankers, ferries and navy vessels calling Lithuanian and Latvian ports.

Baltic Industrial, JSC

Services: Authorized dealership of Cummins and Kubota engines and gensets. Spare parts delivery, engine service and maintenance, warranty and after warranty service.

Baltic master, JSC

Services: Repair and installation of reefer equipment.

Baltic Premator Klaipėda, UAB

Services: Cleaning and painting of vessel exterior/interior, metal constructions.

Baltijos Prochemas, JSC

Services: shipbuilding, ship-repair, offshore and civil construction works

Baltmarine Trading, UAB

Services: Marine and industrial supply in ports of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

Baltnautic Shipping Ltd.

Services: Agency service, freightage, ship chandler, technical survey, operation of tramp vessels.

Berg, JSC

Services: Underwater technical and rescue works

BME Services, JSC

Services: Ship repair services, project management services, stainless steel works, interior insulation, hydraulic system repairs, special works, workforce, van rent.

Caverion Lietuva, JSC

Services: Ship and shore-based installations of electrical and automation systems, installation, repair and commissioning. Ship navigation system installation, repair and commissioning.

Chandlerita, JSC

Services: Chandlerita ship supply offers following services:
Provision, Bonded stores, Deck, Engine, Cabin  stores, Navigation charts, Workwear, Steel materials, Electric motor rewinding in 24 H, Welding services, ships  medicines, all type JIS & DIN valves, electrical equipment, acetylene, oxygen cylinders reffiling, inspections and calibration of safety equipment, gas detectors, Magnetic compass Survey, Deviation Cart Inssurance, crew transportation service, anti piracy measures. Fast profesional services at ports Klaipeda, Liepaja, Ventspils, Riga, Tallinn, Gdynia, Gdansk.

Coldeta, JSC

Services: The main direction of activity is installation of installation cooling equipment, service, as well as designing, manufacturing and installation of portable refrigerating equipment on ships and in all industrial facilities where cold is needed.

Diesel Service Group, JSC

Services: Repair and maintenance of engines and other ships’ mechanisms, repair of electrical equipment, vessels’ maintenance. IN-SITU machining and other services. Delivery of spare parts. IMO signs.

DVR paslaugos, JSC

Services: -

Elektrifikacijos paslaugos, JSC

Services: Construction and installation of 0.4-10 kV electrical networks Electrotechnical-engineering solutions Solar photovoltaic installation work Ship electrotechnical equipment installation Construction of telecommunication networks Installation of video surveillance systems Construction of engineering networks by dredging Designing


Services: Ship repair, building, technical services; ship chandlering

Feliūga, JSC

Services: Ship repair, technical survey

Garant Group, JSC

Services: Shiprepair, submarine technical works, inspection and repair of rescue and fire-fighting equipment, ship supply

Genkonta, JSC

Services: JSC Genkonta is a company for managing international and local projects, which are related to industrial and civil construction, technological and production lines and processes.We can also carry out shipbuilding and repair projects. We can be your general contractor or subcontractor, from detail to all our services: professional design and calculations, engineering, materials and work. Qualified project managers and specialists will implement your projects efficiently, qualitatively and safely.

Glinar Turbo Ltd

Services: Turbocharger services, overhauling, retrofit, welding – reblading, dynamic balancing, spare parts stock, after sales services.

Harbort Klaipėda, JSC

Services: Ultrasonic thickness measurements of vessels’ hulls’ constructions. Hulls’ repair documentation preparation. Company has certificates of approval of these Classification Societies: ABS, BV, DNV, GL, Lloyd’s Register, RINA, RMRS, and PRS. NDT services - VT, MT, PT, UT. Rope access services abvailable for the inspections.

Hidrosfera, JSC

Services: The company provides water supply, reconstruction and repair, dredging works and the technical work projects carried out in project implementation and supervision of hydraulic structures design expertise.

Intalka, JSC

Services: -

Iremas filialas Kelmerta, JSC

Services: ship repair, maintenance and repair of cargo handling equipment

Jūrų elektronikos įrengimai, JSC

Services: Radio electronics equipment installation on board: design, procurement, installation, and maintenance

Klaipėdos inžinerinių tinklų statyba, JSC

Services: Laying of highway thermo-nets, plumbing and waste pipelines, service-pipes; installation of technological pipelines and equipment.

Klaipėdos laivų remontas, AB

Services: 2003 the company started to act as an executive of newly opened cruisers terminal.

Kvantum Group, JSC

Services: JSC "Kvantum Group" provides interior installation as turnkey deliveries of entire cabin areas and electrical installation services for the Shipbuilding sector in the European Union and beyond.

Laivų Servisas, JSC

Services: Repair of electrical equipment

Laivų technika, JSC

Services: ..

Mabrocona, JSC

Services: Marine brokers, Consultancies for Ship Building and Ship Repair, Condition survey's, Crewing, Rental of Floating Equipment
Marine insurance, Surveying

Marine Surveys & Services, JSC

Services: Ship Inspections

Marinetechas, JSC


  • Ship repair;
  • installation, maintenance, improvement, as well as scheduled and urgent repairs of various production equipment;
  • maintenance and repair of compressors, pipelines and refrigeration equipment;
  • shaft alignment;
  • maintenance, installation and repair of pipeline systems, fittings;
  • manufacture of metal components;
  • maintenance and repair of hydraulic systems;
  • repair of electric motors;
  • manufacture and repair of metal constructions;
  • manufacture and installation of ventilation systems.


Services: authorized service and sales dealer for many lead manufacturers of navigation & communication equipment

Memelio inkaras, JSC

Services: Our company has got a shore gangs for cleaning holds. The shore cleaning gang is equipped with the high pressure machines, cherry pickers, falseworks and other proper equipment for the cleaning/washing. This is 100 % guarantee that holds of your vessel will be clean and ready for inspection in the port of loading.Working 24/7

META Engineering

Services: -

Narų servisas, JSC

Services: Professional underwater technical works: cutting, welding, diver service and technical works, hydrotechnical construction works, aquatorium bottom dredging and cleaning works, jet monitor, floating crane <50 t., removal of navigational barriers, underwater inspection with audio / video recording, emergency-rescue services, ship’s subsurface lifting, ship’s pulling from shallows, rescue on water, towing services, pontoons, rent of technical equipment and machinery, construction and reconstruction of special port (seaport) buildings and constructions since 1991.


Services: Ship agency, ship supply, ship repair, shipbuilding, technical and marine marketing services

Ostara, JSC

Services: .

Overship service, JSC


  • Ship repair services.
  • Providing ship crews with mobile Internet.
  • Supply of ships of any kind with provisions.
  • Personal orders of crew members.
  • Navigational charts and navigational literature.
  • Supply of vessels with fire-fighting equipment and their inspection.
  • Change of the crew, as well as its transportation to the city.
  • Other services.


Services: .

Persolita, JSC

Services: Our activities cover the whole range of marine - and offshore insulation all the way from comfort - and cooling insulation to sound proofing - and fire insulation

Polski Rejestr Statkow Klaipeda, JSC

Services: PRS experts provide:

  • classification and statutory surveys of newbuildings, ships in operation and under reconstruction or repair,
  • certification of materials, companies, welders and welding processes,
  • ISM, ISPS, MLC certification,
  • certification of containers.
Certificates: Quality Management System ISO 9001 and IACS QSCS.


Services: Ship repair and conversion, technical services, ship supply

Prosolas, JSC

Services: Service of life-saving and fire-fighting equipment, maintenance of fire-fighting systems,  Lifeboats, rescue boats and davits. Fire extinguishers, hydrants, fire hoses, breathing apparatuses, cylinder hydrotesting, breathing air refiling, air analysis, foam analysis, lifejackets, immersion suits, chemical suits,  crane water bag (water load) testing, marine electronics (VDR, GMDSS, GYRO COMPASS, ECDIS), monometer calibration, gas detectors  and other services and supplies.


Services: RNDV Group is an international electrical engineering and interior outfitting company based in Lithuania. We specialize in Turn – Key electrical installation and interior outfitting projects in the shipbuilding industry.


Services: Ships radio, navigation, satellite, fish finding equipment trade, project-designing, installation, testing, maintenance and repairs.

Sadomaksa Klaipėda, JSC

Services: Company is doing all possible activities regarding marine containers – repairing, pretrip checking, supplying spare parts. Also repairing, servicing and renting marine containers diesel generators (GenSet units). Refrigerated road transport cooling equipment sales, repair and maintenance. Repairing conditioning systems on busses and couches.

Sedro grupė, JSC

Services: "SEDRO GRUPĖ"  for our customers offers optimal solutions for transporting their goods, and provides with the following services:

  • Ship supply and servicing
  • Ship agency services
  • Cargo expedition
  • Cargo warehousing-reloading
  • Containers and ship chartering
  • Customs agency
  • Consolidated cargo shipping
  • Cargo shipping of all types of transport

Simarina, JSC

Services: SIMARINA, UAB, specialises in the procurement and supply of a full range of technical goods, including marine spares and consumables. The company is a professional supplier in marine diesel parts and other ship equipment: - parts for engines YANMAR, DAIHATSU, AKASAKA, HANSHIN MAN, B&W, SULZER, PIELSTICK, MAK, SKL, DEUTZ; - new and used engines, genset; - turbochargers, air compressors; - pumps. purifiers; - deck equipment. Technical supply we declare and deliver spare parts to any region and port of the world.


Services: Marine engeenirring servises, maintance, shipshandlers


Services: FROSIO certified Inspector level 3 performs inspection of metallic surface pre-treatment prior to operations on painting or coating for corrosion prevention

Švyturio logistika, UAB

Services: Team of professionals with 15+ years of experience are dedicated to provide services for:

  • Road and railway transport,
  • Ship agency and chartering,
  • Container handling and shipping,
  • Multimodal freight transportation,
  • Warehouse storage for any kind of cargo,
  • Customs clearance.

Techmaris, JSC

Services: Ship agency and crewing services, ship repair.

Termomontažas, JSC

Services: UAB “TERMOMONTAŽAS” is one of the oldest and most experienced insulation contractors in Klaipeda, Lithuania. We offer turnkey solutions of interior outfitting including demolition, design and installation for vessels and the maritime industry.

Unimars, JSC

Services: Ship supply. Technical maintenance. Ship repair services. Ship supply with bonded stores. Navigational charts and navigational literature. Supply and inspection of fire-fighting and rescue means. Other services.

Vakarai, UAB

Services: UAB "Vakarai" - the ship's hull structures repair, hull construction welding, rust cleaning, priming, painting, galvanizing across the board, deck coatings cleaning Blastrac.

Vakarų Baltijos laivų statykla, JSC

Services: Ship repair, ship building

Vakarų buitis, JSC

Services: works related to the preparation of vessels for repair and ensuring cleanliness during the production and repair of vessels.

Vakarų laivų gamykla, AB

Services: ship building, ship repair and conversion, port stevedoring operations and storage / warehousing services (liquid, bulk and general cargo terminals), production of metal structures (over 500 tons in weight), metal cutting and processing, technical supply, buying of scarp metal, mooring services; cargo transportation within Lithuania and abroad.

Vakarų laivų remontas, JSC

Services: Repair and conversion of ships

Viažas, JSC


  • Completely renew below waterline Antifouling
  • Full polishing washing and cleaning of the boat
  • Gelcoat repair (scratches and breakages)
  • Fiberglass damage repair (Epoxy and polyester resins)
  • Kiel damage repair(renew load-bearing walls with the ship’s hull)

Vinko, JSC

Services: Forwarding, ship suppliers, ship repair, building, technical services, customs agent


Services: Engine and system repair, propellers and equipment related, hydraulic equipment, controller device maintenance , gyro centering with the help of laser,monitoring of load and vibration to bearings, crankshaft and mechanical treatment services on site, renewal and renewed parts, industrial services.

Wurth Lietuva, JSC

Services: Professional mounting tools, fasteners - wholesale, retail. Workplace Safety - Wholesale, Retail Chemical Products: Car Cosmetics, Cleaning, Care, Gluing, Sealing - Wholesale, Retail.

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