Naftos krova

Klaipedos nafta, SC

Services: at the specialized oil terminal the company handles light and dark oil products, crude oil from railway tanks into tankers; provide discharge of crude oil and oil products from tankers into railway tanks; provides provisional storage of crude oil and oil products; provides discharge of petrol and diesel fuel (designated for local market) from tankers to tank-trucks. The company offers mooring services; identifies quality parameters of oil products; collects oily water from vessels, supplies vessels with fuel and water. Klaipėdos Nafta AB is an operator of Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal (LNG Terminal).

Krovinių terminalas, JSC

Services: In the specialized terminal the company handles and provides storage of oil, chemical, and petrochemical products. The terminal can handle and discharge these products from both rail-tanks and tankers. The company can produce different types of oil products; it offers mooring services; cargo forwarding and transportation by rail within Lithuania, Belarus, and Latvia.

Vakarų krova, JSC

Services: the company handles and provides storage of bulk cargo (agricultural products, fertilizers, salt, kaolin, etc.), dry bulk cargo (scrap metal, gravel, limestone, peat, etc.), liquid cargo (bio-diesel fuel, molasses, etc.), general cargo (round timber, various types of packed cargo), non-standard and oversized machinery. The company owns and operates 4 specialized terminals for handling and storage of dry bulk and liquid products

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