Algrima, JSC

Contact information

Address: Šilutės pl. 2, LT- 91110, Klaipėda, Lithuania
Place in territory of port: nearby the quays -
Tel.: +370 46 410668, +370 46 410667, +370 698 40132
Fax: +370 46 410666

Work description

“ALGRIMA” since 1993 without any changes in the production profile, is successfully
producing work wear

“ALGRIMA”       is designing and creating models. All work wear collections are the
highest quality and for various purposes,  all products meets  Lithuanian and
European Union requirements.

“ALGRIMA”       for clients convenience, offers everything you need for your workers - all kind of
safety, sanitary equipment, also equipment against fire.

“ALGRIMA”       selling advertising production (t-shirts, caps)

“ALGRIMA”       decorates all production with notes, logos - by stitching, thermo or silk screen

UAB “Algrima” is well known by companies that respect not only their name but also health and wellbeing of their workers. Just share your needs and ideas how your workers should look like and we will do the rest of the job.
Come to our shop and you will find great choice of personal protective equipment:
- work clothes
- waterproof clothes
- work shoes
- work gloves
- head protection equipment
- eye protection equipment
- respiratory protective equipment
- equipment for high-scalers




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