Kauno Grūdai, AB

Contact information

Address: H. ir O. Minkovskių str. 63, 46550 Kaunas, Lithuania
Place in territory of port: nearby the quays -
Tel.: +370 37 223317
E-mail: a.mastaras@kggroup.eu; l.martinonis@kggroup.eu
Website: http://www.kauno-grudai.lt/

Work description

We carry out fumigation (destruction of pests with phosphine gas) in port warehouses, in grain stores of any type and size, in sea containers, wagons, other vehicles, etc.

After fumigation, we issue certificates for fumigated products.

We test phosphine gas concentrations in ship trunks, warehouses, any other containers, raw materials, or products that are highly sensitive and accurate electronic devices.

We carry ventilation of grain or any other products. After fumigation, we constantly check the amount of phosphine gas from electronic devices and inform the customer when the products are safe to use.


Contact persons

Head of department
Ąžuolas Maštaras
Tel. +370 614 47918

Representative in the port operating phone number
Tel. +370 656 74207



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