Nautilus Dive

Contact information

Address: Rūtų g. 15-49, LT-91221 Klaipėda
Place in territory of port: nearby the quays -
Tel.: +370 686 17399

Work description

Our diver team is equipped with the modern implements that enable to make the in-water surveys or general underwater works without the vessel being dry-docked. Upon the customer's request the service can be rendered worldwide.

The range of services:

Underwater hull, bilge keel, rudder, propeller, sea inlets cleaning. All works are carried out daytime or at night. Alongside or at anchorage! And are accompanied with video/photo recording before and after cleaning/repair or inspection;

Underwater surveys and inspections in accordance with the requirements of the classification societies;

Underwater welding and cutting of metal ware;

Measurements of rudder clearance and propeller shaft wear-out;

Repair of the propeller-rudder complex;

Underwater propeller polishing;

General ship’s and hull repairs, renewal of damaged parts, installation of housings and bossing’s;

Sealing of kingston valves and joints;

Holes, cracks and damages sealing, patching, securing or welding;

Search and recovery of anchors, chains, drowned constructions and aggregates;

Hydro engineering and underwater engineering works.




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