Navi grupė, JSC

Contact information

Address: Baltijos pr.123-14, LT-93224, Klaipėda
Place in territory of port: nearby the quays -
Tel.: +370 46 271720

Work description


• carriage of containers by road from/to LT / LV / EE / BY / RU and other countries of the European community;

• carriage of heavyweight containers (three-axle trucks, three-axle trailers);

• carriage of ref containers maintaining temperature mode (genset equipment);

• carriage of outsized containers;

• carriage of dangerous containers (ADR);

• carriage of containers by vehicles with GPS tracking software, which allows the customer observe the movement of a container 24 hours a day;

• container loading/unloading in Klaipeda port;

• carrying out of veterinary and flora quarantine formalities;

• NAVI GRUPĖ, UAB has customs broker’s status and provides customs broking services: T1, EX, IM, TIR, CMR filling/execution services;

• customer’s representation wen receiving goods origin certificates;

• other services related to marine containers and their transportation.




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