Contact information

Address: Taikos pr. 52C, LT-91184, Klaipėda, Lithuania
Place in territory of port: nearby the quays -
Tel.: +370 46 311 777
Fax: 370 46 301228
E-mail: info@rndvgroup.eu
Website: www.rndvgroup.eu

Work description

RNDV Group is an international electrical engineering and interior outfitting company based in Lithuania. We specialize in Turn – Key electrical installation and interior outfitting projects in the shipbuilding industry. Our passion, experience and desire to strive for bigger and more complex projects led us to be the company we are today – working with the biggest shipbuilding companies and successfully delivering complex electrical engineering and outfitting solutions around the world.

Our scope of supply:

Shipbuilding | Electrical engineering services

Electrical engineering and design

Material procurement and management

Low-voltage electrical installation

Cabling works

Installation and mounting of various type of electrical equipment

Connection works

Commissioning and warranty

Shipbuilding | Steelworks

Electrical welding works

Material procurement and management

Various type of plate and pipe welding

HVAC systems welding worksHull welding

Shipbuilding | Interior outfitting services

Cabin outfitting/renewal

Public spaces outfitting


Noise protection

Heat and cold insulation




All procurements
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