Contact information

Address: Taikos pr. 52C, LT-91184, Klaipėda, Lithuania
Place in territory of port: nearby the quays -
Tel.: +370 46 311 777
Fax: 370 46 301228
E-mail: info@rndvgroup.eu
Website: www.rndvgroup.eu

Work description

RNDV Group is an international shipbuilding and construction company based in Lithuania. We specialize in electrical installation projects within the shipbuilding industry and various types of industrial services for the construction industry.We run a highly qualified and motivated workforce that is prepared to complete your projects.We are striving for long term business relationships based on outstanding performance and long-lasting partnerships.In order to stay ahead of the market, expand on our promises and deliver successful results we base our values on Professionalism, Cooperation, Leadership and Innovation.

RNDV Group is one of the biggest subcontractors in Europe.

  • We are a true all-in subcontractor with customized solutions
  • We train our employees specifically for your project prior deployment
  • We analyse our performance and implement techniques for constant improvement
  • We are able to react and send skilled teams fast, on short notice

Our services

Shipbuilding activities are among the most important parts of RNDV Group functions. We are working in the largest shipyards across the globe and providing our services for a wide variety of marine vessels.

Since the beginning of the company, network development has been a major part of services. Now we offer our services in the data centre installation and telecommunication fields.

Deep knowledge and experience in electrical engineering and necessary technicians allow us to provide a full range service in technical solar panel installation and connection areas.

We offer our services in the conveyor line assembly and installation field situated in factories and warehouses. We perform installation of conveyor belts, cable lines and all the necessary connections.




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