Termomontažas, JSC

Contact information

Address: 169/15 Minijos street, LT93263, Klaipeda, Lithuania
Place in territory of port: nearby the quays -
Tel.: +370 46 397030
Fax: + 370 46 397033
E-mail: info@termomontage.lt
Website: www.termomontage.lt

Work description

Founded in: 1991Services:

UAB “TERMOMONTAŽAS” is one of the oldest and most experienced insulation contractors in Klaipeda, Lithuania. We offer turnkey solutions of interior outfitting including demolition, design and installation for vessels and the maritime industry.

UAB “TERMOMONTAŽAS” specializes in custom made furniture manufacture and installation for vessels, offices and residential buildings.

Offices: The main office is located in Klaipeda; the other two are in Vilnius and Alytus.




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