Vakaru laivu agentai, UAB (Western Ships Agency)

Contact information

Address: Minijos g. 180, LT-93269, Klaipėda, Lithuania
Place in territory of port: nearby the quays Vakarų laivų gamykla
Tel.: +370 46 483 652
Fax: +370 46 483 654

Work description

Year of foundation: 2002.

Description of rendered services:

Western Ships Agency is a daughter-company of the Western Shipyard. Western Ships Agency core activity is to provide the Best assistance in Klaipeda port to the Ship Owners and Operators for any matters during vessel’s stay in Klaipeda and Tallinn ports. Our strongest side is to provide multipurpose agency services for long-term extraordinary projects for all types of vessel calls in Klaipeda and Tallinn ports: ship repairs, conversions, cargo operations, lay-ups and others.

Western Ships Agency spectrum of services: ships agency, chartering, freight forwarding and port services.

SHIPS AGENCY - responsible for organizing, overseeing and coordinating all aspects of the port call, booking berths, coordinating with port authorities, immigration, customs and other parties involved.

  • 24/7;
  • Round year;
  • Broad network in regards to repairs and cargo operations;
  • Berth for lay-up arrangement;
  • Full attendance during vessel’s stay in the Klaipeda’s port;
  • Preparation of the cargo and other documents;
  • Customs clearance of spares arrival/departure to/from the vessel;
  • Travel/accommodation arrangement;
  • Compass adjustment-calibration arrangement;
  • Arrangement of renewal of sanitation exemption certificate;
  • Protective agency;
  • Bunker arrangements;
  • Tug boats assistance arrangement.

SHIPS SUPPLY - providing  a wide range of Provision, Cabin, Deck supply and Technical products for every type of marine vessels in the Baltic region.


  • Engine spare parts, tools, lubricants
  • Pumps, hydraulics spare
  • Cables, ropes
  • Valves, bearings, flanges
  • Steering gears
  • Fastening materials


  • Marine paint/ painting equipment
  • Pneumatic/electrical tools
  • Screws/nuts and bolts
  • Nautical equipment, charts
  • Measuring tools


  • Dairy and meat products
  • Fish
  • Grocery
  • Water, juices, drinks
  • Sweets and pastry

CHARTERING - providing a complete range of services in order to ensure the prompt and cost effective movement of your cargo, whatever its size, from point of origin to its final destination:

  • Cargo bookings on voyage basis;
  • Operations and Post-fixture i.e. instructions for the vessels, coordination and follow-up between captains, ship-owners, stevedores in loading and discharging ports to ensure smooth cargo operations.

FREIGHT FORWARDING - assisting our clients in various fields of forwarding and examining all the possibilities in order to solve logistical matters. The main goal is to minimize costs and reach best transit time in order to guarantee competitive rates and fastest delivery terms for our clients.

  • Calculation of the optimal route;
  • Cargo transportation by vessels or road transport;
  • Cargo forwarding in ports;
  • Arrangement of customs formalities for the cargo.

PORT SERVICES - additional services according to your requests can be arranged:

  • Customs clearance;
  • Spare parts deliveries;
  • Coordination of any type of repairs;
  • Crew change (embarkation/disembarkation, migration formalities, transportation from/to airports, and other);
  • Garbage, slops, sewage disposal arrangements;
  • Cash To Master deliveries;
  • Medical assistance for the crew members;
  • Arrangement of independent surveyors;
  • Arrangement of storage places/warehouses;
  • Arrangement of supply with fuel, oils, provision, fresh water;
  • Dry-docking and Shipyard services arrangement.

Membership in organizations: Lithuanian National Freight Forwarders‘ Association LINEKA; associated members of the International Federation of freight Forwarders FIATA.

Number of staff: 8.

Certificates: ISO 9001.

Capacity and possibilities: 200 vessels per year.





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