Mission, vision and strategic objectives of the enterprise


To connect Lithuania with world


Klaipeda Seaport is the modern, open and sustainable port of high added value, providing the complex of the best quality services in Europe.

Vision of the Seaport forms the strategic activity directions, the development of which will allow to reach the results of the goals envisaged in vision and created  preconditions for maintaining the long - term and sustainable competitiveness of the Port and the town, business and the entire state:

The development of the infrastructure corresponding the demands of the future market:

  • The maximum depth of the Port is to be reached (-17 metres);
  • The new and updated existing infrastructure components (quays and railways) will be constructed according to the market demand and taking into account the return to the Port and the state:
  • New territories with market - satisfying infrastructure in the Southern part of the Port where both seaborne cargo handling and storage services are provided and activities of production and/or service sectors generating high added value to the Port and the country will be formed.
  • The new and modern territories, integrated into the Port and complying with the demands of the society will be formed ( recreation, services, entertainment, trade sectors

High quality Port services:

  • Klaipeda Port is the safest port in Europe;
  • The achieved  high quality vessel, cargo and passenger service induces  at the optimal speed, price and safety ratio -  the cargo throughput is the most rapid in Klaipeda Port ;
  • Klaipeda Port is the leader of innovations of the European Seaports;
  • The highest reputation among the state - owned enterprises, modern management models and tools are applied:
  • Activity complying the principles of sustainable operation.

High added value for Port clients, partners, the  city and the state:

  • The model of public – private partnership activity induces the investments of private capital, creates the value for the state via diverse activities related directly and indirectly with transport and industrial construction sectors, ensures sustainable cargo flows, creates new well paid working places;
  • The catalyst of Lithuanian export are the best cargo transportation conditions for Lithuanian exporters resulting into their high competitiveness in the global markets;
  • Economic and financial benefits of the Port are directed to the Port, city and state budgets as the significant state revenue source;
  • The efficient Port tax system, enabling to manage investment risks and to direct financial resources towards the sustainable development of the Port creating preconditions for generating additional income;
  • Balanced management of Port development financing sources (own funds, grants, loans, debt securities, concession models, etc.) and operation risks ensure the financially sound condition and value of the enterprise;
  • The efficient management of operating costs allows to maintain the high profitability rates and the high return to the state (economic-social benefits, profitability, dividends, ROI).



  • Are the owners of Klaipeda Seaport
  • Believe only in perfect results
  • Create value for Port clients
  • Pursue  arrogant goals
  • Learn and are curious
  • Love and support each other
  • Work for the sake of Lithuania


Information updated 2022-02-11
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