Prevailing growth tendencies in cargo handling figures at Klaipėda port

2010 05 20
Cargo turnover at Klaipėda port rates has been increasing. Referring to the cargo handling volume in the first four months of this year, the total annual turnover at Klaipėda port could amount to approx. 30 million tons.
Klaipėda still outperforms the neighbouring ports of Riga and Ventspils – cargo handling results at Klaipėda port for the first four months of this year exceeded those of Riga and Tallinn in terms of the share in the total turnover of all ports.
Klaipėda port maintains the highest rates of growth as compared with other ports of the Baltic States. In January-April 2010, the growth in cargo turnover in Klaipėda amounted even to 16,9%. During above mentioned period Klaipėda port handled 9 942,1 thousand tons of marine cargo.
Growth in container handling figures is especially encouraging factor: in January-April this year Klaipėda port handled 88 250 TEU, i.e. by 5,4 % more than in corresponding period last year. Klaipėda port maintains its position as the largest container port among other ports of the Baltic States.
The number of passengers has been also increasing. 62 904 passengers arrived/departed to/from Klaipėda port in the first four months of 2010, i.e. by 21,7 % more than in corresponding period last year. Besides, due to volcano eruption in Iceland, the number of passengers has increased for more than 23,2% as comparing with April 2009 - in total 19 396 passengers arrived at  Klaipėda port in April, 2010.
Cargo turnover at the ports of the Baltic States, thousand tons
2009 01-04
2010 01-04
10 459,0
11 706,8
8 503,7
9 942,1
10 145,0
9 707,0
9 866,9
9 642,2
1 323,8
1 319,7
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