The handling of consumer goods has started growing in Klaipėda Port

2010 06 08
During five month of this year the cargo handling in Klaipėda Port increased by 15,8 percent. The turnover of dry / bulk cargo increased by more than the third part, the turnover of general cargo, particularly containerised and ro – ro cargo, with  consumer goods making the major part, increased as well.
This year the tendency of increased cargo volumes transported (calculating both in tons and in units) by sea ferries have been observed in the Port. The volume of Ro – Ro cargo handled in May of this year reached up to 376,2 thousand tons or more by 37,8 percent if to compare with May of 2009. This is the highest rate that has been reached not only from the beginning of this year but since 2009 as well.
The similar handling increase was reached while calculating the Ro –Ro cargo in units. Totally 19 669 units of wheel mechanisms were handled and this number exceeded the index of the previous year by 32,5 percent.  This index is the highest one since the beginning of the last year.
This year Klaipėda Port constantly improved the rate of containerised cargo handling of 2009 and in May it  reached the record – 25 425 TEU, i.e. more by 19,2 percent than in May of the last year.
One more record reached in May was the handling of oil products. Regardless the fact that the volume of this cargo was less by 10,6 percent comparing with May of the previous year – totally 833,8 thousand tons, this number was the largest from the beginning of this year.
Totally in January – May of 2010 12 526,2 thousand tons of sea cargo were handled in the Port, and this is more by 15,8 percent than during the corresponding  period of 2009. Such result was mostly determined by the increased handling of natural and chemical fertilizers (+856,4 thousand tons), Ro-Ro cargo (+459,4 thousand t),containerised cargo (+345,7 thousand tons), minerals and construction materials (+193,5 thousand tons).
According to cargo groups the handling of dry and bulk cargo increased most of all – even by 34,9 percent; totally 4 625,9 thousand tons (36,9 percent from the total  cargo handling of the Port)  were handled. The handling of general cargo jumped up by 28,9 percent, the cargo volume was 3 861,6 thousand tons (30,8 percent.). The handling of liquid cargo dropped down by 8,1 percent, in total 4 038,7 thousand tons (32,2 proc.) were handled.
In May of this year 2 584,1 thousand tons of cargo were handled in Klaipeda Port and it was more by 11,5 percent than in the same month of the previous year.
Cargo handling in 2009 and  2010 in May, by tons
Cargo type
Change in percent
2009 05
2010 05
2 316 894,7
2 584 070,4
Dry and bulk cargo
646 528,3
900 037,9
General cargo
626 024,8
819 416,8
Liquid cargo
1 044 341,6
864 615,6
Containerised cargo  (TEU)
21 325
25 425
Ro-ro cargo (units)
14 840
19 669
Passengers, including
31 204
34 664
Cruise ship passengers
6 811
Būtingės Terminal
802 400,0
705 019,0

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