Review of cargo handling in Klaipėda and others eastern Baltic sea ports

2011 02 18
Review of cargo handling in Klaipėda and others eastern Baltic sea ports
During January of  2011 Klaipėda Port handled 3,18 million tons of marine cargo, the total growth of cargo handling volumes made 23,1 %  if  to compare with the corresponding period of the previous year.
According to the cargo handling turnover in the Eastern Baltic ports Klaipeda Seaport in January registered the highest cargo handling turnover and outpaced not only the neighbouring Riga and Ventspils Ports but even the Joint Port of Tallinn. The common cargo handling volumes of Klaipėda Port and Butingė terminal was 3,98 million tons in January of 2011.
The highest increase in cargo turnover in January of this year comparing with the corresponding period of 2010 was reached due to increased handling volumes of natural and chemicalfertilizers (+230,4 thousand tons), Ro – Ro cargo (+116,9 thousand tons), oil products (+101,7 thousand tons), containerized cargo (+60,4 thousand tons).
In terms of cargo groups the handling volumes of general cargo were the handling turnover reached up to 921,0 thousand tons (28,9 percentof total port handling volumes) increased mostly (+38,3 percent).Dry and bulk cargo handling volumes increased by 22,4 percent, the handling volumes of this cargogroup were1 258,4 thousand tons (39,6 percent).  The handling of liquefied cargo increased by 12,5 percent comparing with January of 2010, in total 1 000,9  thousand tons(31,5percent) were handled.
In January of this year 555 ships, i.e. more by14,0 percentor by 68 ships comparing to the corresponding period of the previous yearcalled Klaipėda Port.The number of passengerswas 19 783, i.e. more by 32,8percent or by 4 891 passengers comparing with the corresponding period of 2010.
Klaipėda Port remains the leader according to handling figures of containerized cargo. During January of this year 27 686 TEU, i.e. more by39,8 percentor by 7882 TEUcomparing to the correspondingperiodof the previous year was handled in Klaipėda Port.
Cargo handling in the Eastern Coast Baltic Seaports, in thousand tons
Change in percent
01-01 2010
01-01 2011
Saint Petersburg*
3 113,8
3 000,0
2 584,1
3 180,3
2 189,0
2 698,1
2 370,0
1 878,0
Ust Luga*
* data were not submitted
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