Audio- guide "Klaipėda Guide" will spread and make known the name of Lithuania at the global competition

2018 08 10
Audio- guide "Klaipėda Guide" will spread and make known the name of Lithuania at the global competition

The mobile program  audio – guide "Lets discover Klaipeda town with Ann from Tharrau" developed under the initiative of Klaipeda State Seaport Authority has acquired the right to be called the digital "the new book spreader" of Lithuania. "Klaipeda Guide", inviting the tourists of cruise liners, Klaipeda citizens and quest of the town to learn about Klaipeda history and culture, will represent Lithuania at the global competition "World Summit Awards" held under the auspices of the United Nations.

Audio-guide "Klaipeda Guide" was assessed at the competition "The New Book Spreader" in the category "Culture and Tourism". This audio-guide developed under the initiative of the Seaport Authority together with some other winners  of Lithuanian  pre-selection competition  has become the "new book spreader" of Lithuania and acquired the right to use the sign "WSA Winner Lithuania" in its digital content solution. Audio-guide "Klaipeda Guide" will represent Lithuania at the global competition "Word Summit Awards 2018" designated to select and promote the digital innovations with high impact on improving society. The winners of this competition will be included into the global network of WSA winners and invited to take participation at WSA Congress – the event designated to the most progressive digital content solutions - that will be held in Vienna.

"We highly appreciate such a significant evaluation and the fact that Klaipeda Seaport Authority, as socially responsible enterprise, contributes to tourism development in Klaipeda. Undoubtedly we are proud that the audio-guide created under our initiative will represent Lithuania at the competition patronised by the United Nations" told the international relations manager of Klaipeda State Seaport Authority Kristna Gontier during presentation of audio – guide to Competition Commission.

The goal of the  competition "The New Book Spreader", organized by Information Society Development Committee under the Ministry of Transport and Communications and Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania, is to discover original, innovative, progressive and significant digital content solutions developed in Lithuania.

According to organizers of this competition diverse digital content solutions have been presented: web sites, mobile programs, applications for wearables (for example, smart watches), SMS based solutions, digital games for diverse play stations ant etc. Lithuanian creators of digital content solutions competed in eight categories. "Quite a significant number of strong participants took part in national pre-selection competition this year – we are very delighted as we have the possibility to demonstrate worldwide that we have developed something really progressive, interesting and exceptional in Lithuania. I do believe that the winners of the pre-selection competition at national level in different categories have the brilliant possibilities to be noticed and evaluated by the Jury and that we will manage to repeat the success stories of the former years - have the winners representing Lithuania at the finale of this year "World Summit Awards 2018", told the national expert of the competition "World Summit Awards" and the member of the Jury Ieva Žilionienė.

The state of the arts novelty and the free audio guide (linked with navigation system) developed under the initiative of Klaipeda State Seaport Authority is designated to tourists of cruise liners and all guests and citizens of Klaipeda. This mobile program will help to discover and learn about the places of interest of the town in an attractive way. The particularity of this audio - guide are the town stories, experience, legends and extracts from books  narrated by Ann from Tharrau. Songs, the sounds of the beat of the sea waves and the turmoil of medieval town on the sound track get the tourists involved into the whirl of the town history during their excursions.

This audio - guide introduces in three languages (Lithuanian. English and German) 35 places of interest and offers over 80 photographs.  Besides, the program features 3 short presentations on Lithuania, Klaipeda and Klaipeda Seaport.

The content, photographs and the sound track of audio - guide are to be supplemented in future. Furthermore, the program has the feedback form for appreciations and evaluations where everybody can evaluate the program directly on the device or write a letter and submit the opinion and evaluation by the indicated e - mail address and, in such a way, take participation in the development of the program content in future.

The contractor of this program is JSC "Peritus". The writer Daiva Molytė-Lukauskienė collected the relevant historical material and created the narration.

For implementation of this project, including the Klaipeda Town Accessibility Study, Klaipeda Seaport Authority received EU support under the project "The Green Cruise Port".  The total value of the project was 48 thousand Euros, including 29 thousand euros that were spent to create this audio - guide. 

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