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Opportunity of responsible development granted to Klaipeda Port

2019 12 11
Opportunity of responsible development granted to Klaipeda Port

The Cabinet approved the master plan of Klaipeda State Seaport, where the necessary and long-term directions of the port’s expansion are foreseen. The solutions of this plan will create preconditions for maintenance of the port’s competitiveness, expeditious reaction to the changing conditions of global market, and creation of the needed infrastructure of the port.

The strategical directions of the port’s expansion provided in the master plan and the spacious conception of development were prepared for 25 years, whereas concretized solutions were prepared for 15 years.

The approved document is a part of the project of special national significance under implementation. It determines expansion of the port’s territory in Klaipeda city municipality, as well as internal water area, part of the Baltic Sea that is included into the Lithuanian territory (external harbourage of the port), and related infrastructure.

The solutions of territory planning established in the master plan create preconditions for complex expansion of the port and related activities in the present and planned new territories of the port’s expansion, as well as for development of communication and engineering infrastructure necessary for such activities.

Klaipeda Port will be able to develop the southern part – to make use of the reserved territory and to form a new land territory by the Smelte Peninsula, to reach the depth of 17 meters in the ship-canal that is already relevant, and if the need for larger territories arises, to expand north.

The master plan safeguards a possibility to implement social projects, as well – after development of the territory in the southern part of the port, by the Smelte Peninsula, the southern port gate would be built with a marina of recreational purpose. It would be also possible to arrange a new terminal for cruise ships in the city centre, by the Dane river, and to develop other projects.

The implemented solutions of the master plan would create conditions for current and potential users of the port’s territory to implement various investment projects, to carry out and develop activities that would create new work places and generate additional revenues to the State budget.

Information of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania

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