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Certified anti-bribery management system in Klaipeda Seaport

2019 11 19
Certified anti-bribery management system in Klaipeda Seaport

SE Klaipeda State Seaport Authority is the only port authority in Europe that has a certified anti-bribery management system. Today the official certificate was handed certifying that the anti-bribery management system installed in the Port Authority complies with the requirements of standard ISO 37001:2016.

The certification audit was carried out by the Italian company "RINA Services S.p.A." accredited by the national Italian accreditation bureau "Accredia" together with joint Lithuanian-German company UAB "TUV UOLEKTIS". When handing the certificate today, its manager Alessandro Romei stated that Klaipeda State Seaport Authority is the only port authority in Europe that has installed the anti-bribery management system.

The standard is quite new and thus, it manifests quite an innovative attitude of the company to prevention of corruption. This certificate confirms that the Port Authority is controlling risks successfully and that anti-bribery and other controls are effective. It is important not only for the company’s reputation, but also to competitiveness of the whole port and its image on the international arena,” – said Mr. Alessandro Romei, manager of "RINA Services S.p.A.".

The representatives of the company that had carried out the certification audit stated that the anti-bribery management system is rare in the world ports.

"The fact of installed anti-bribery management system in Klaipeda Port is important for the country’s reputation. It is very important for foreign partners to know that Klaipeda State Seaport gives special attention to anti-bribery initiatives, and that processes in the court are clear and transparent,” – told Mr. Tomas Pivoras, Development Manager of UAB "TUV UOLEKTIS".

The anti-bribery management system covers many management tools of corruption risk, allows identifying corruption risk arising in all the company’s performance processes, and helps to select proportionate and effective anti-bribery and other control means, having assessed that hazard. The Port Authority is among the first state enterprises to have the officially certified system.

"We are a strategical company so it is very important for the Port Authority to act in compliance with the supreme ethical requirements and principles, so that the activities were based on the standards of openness, fairness, honesty and responsibility. We give special attention to identification, evaluation and control of corruption risks and we endeavour at making each employee responsible for prevention of corruption manifestations. Our principle is zero tolerance to corruption and maximal transparency," – said Mr. Vidmantas Paukste, Director of Infrastructure of Klaipeda State Seaport Authority, Managing Director at interim.

The compliance of documents and processes with standard ISO 37001:2016, financial and non-financial control means implemented by the company were assessed in the course of certification audit. Besides, the procedures of employees’ examination and qualification raising, conformity of procurement processes to the standard were checked and assessed; the process of identification, assessment and reduction of corruption risk was analysed, etc. In order to strengthen the anti-bribery policy, the Department of Prevention and Risk Control was established in the company in the end of last year already.

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