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Klaipeda Port’s Attitude to the Second Half-Year is Optimistic

2020 07 29
Klaipeda Port’s Attitude to the Second Half-Year is Optimistic

22,1 million tons, i.e. 6,6 percent less cargoes were loaded in Klaipeda Pot in the first six months of the year, if compared with the last year. The global pandemic has affected almost all the seaports; however, the situation in the international market is improving. It is expected to have the results stabilized in the end of the year.

“This period was difficult for many ports, yet the results of Klaipeda Port are better than a mean of all the ports on the Eastern Baltic coast. It was calculated that stevedoring on the Eastern Baltic coast improved on average by 7 percent in the first half-year. We are optimistic about the second half – we expect a big volume of general cargoes, besides, a hood harvest of grains is forecasted. Of course, we need to be ready for anything,” – said Mr. Algis Latakas, Director General of Klaipeda State Seaport Authority.

The turnover of liquid and general cargoes worsened the most. The amount of poured liquid cargoes was smaller by 4 559,3 thousand t, i.e. 13,3 percent, if compared to the first half-year last year. The volume of general cargoes was smaller by 7 204,7 thousand t, i.e. 11,0 percent. The volume of bulk cargoes increased a little in the first half-year of this year (10 335,6 thousand t, i.e. 0,4 percent more).

“The stevedoring of containers was affected a lot by commercial relations between Europe and Asia narrowed due to Covid-19. The number of loaded containers was smaller in almost all the ports of the region. However, international navigation lines are already signalling recovery and return to the previous transfer results. The removed quarantine restrictions in Europe induced consumption; the oil price got stable – these are positive signs that allow expecting for recovery of stevedoring of containers and petroleum products in the ports and better results in the end of the year,” – told Mr. Arturas Drungilas, Director of Marketing and Corporate Affairs of Klaipeda State Seaport Authority.

3 100 vessels (i.e. 8,6 percent or 292 vessels less than in January-June 2019) entered Klaipeda Port in January-June 2020, and 91 022 passengers (i.e. 44,6 percent or 73 237 passengers less) came. The reduced number of passengers was affected a lot by global pandemic that caused cancellation of the season of cruise navigation.

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