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The pending exceptional architectural ideas related with new Port Authority building

2021 08 06
The pending exceptional architectural ideas related with new Port Authority building

Klaipėda State Seaport Authority has announced the international tendering procedure on the terms of references of the new administration building and cruise vessel terminal. It is expected that due to exceptional venue and architectural solutions the new building alongside with the future cruise vessel terminal will become the symbol of Klaipeda Seaport, reflecting the maritime identity.

„We performed calculations and the assessment of major repairs of the present administration building, that was constructed even in 1980. Obviously the funds for the capital repair works should be enormous, therefore the decision to construct the new building complying with all modern building requirements – both energy performance and sustainability, smartness and ergonomic criteria  requirements -   has been taken. Our expectation is that the new building should be both functional –the Harbour Master  service will be concentrate there -  and exceptional , and should become the adornment and give impulse for the new seaport town architecture “ – said Algis Latakas, director general of Klaipeda State Seaport Authority.

It has been planned to construct the administration building in the central part of the town at the vicinity of the developing territory of „ Memel“ town. One more cruise terminal should appear there too. According to A. Latakas, Klaipeda, excluding the period  of pandemic, has been always lacking   enough space for mooring of cruise vessels.

The goal of the announced tendering procedures is to select  the winner that will suggest the most appropriate terms of references, complying with urbanistic, architectural and functional aspects and other requirements. The Seaport Authority will conclude with the winner of the I place the contract subject to which architectural design, technical, work and interior design  will be prepared.

The goals set for the tenderers are to analyse the built-up area possibilities and to create the best architectural-urbanised solution, suitable for implementation in the designed parcel of land and complying with legislation – based requirements  in force, the planned program and high - quality  architectural principles applied to designed territory and buildings.

Due to exceptional venue the building will be perfectly visible in the urbanistic panorama of Klaipeda town, will be noticed by incoming  and passing by vessels, it will be visible from the Curonian Spit side. We hope that the exceptional architecture building, complying with urban integrity principles, distinguishing by its architecture from the existing environment  and creating connections with already existing system social spaces, will be designed, preserving the important for city and society visual – spatial corridors and sight - seeing points. 
Furthermore, the tenderes shall have to submit solution how to create the attractive public space of cruise vessel terminal.

Prizes for tenderers that will be ranked in the first three positions will be granted – 9000 euros will be allotted for the winner of the I place, 7000 euros for the winner of the second place and 5000 euros for the winner of the III place. The submitted works will be assessed by the concerned commission consisting of representatives of Port Authority, Klaipeda town and architecture community.

The terms of references are to be submitted by the 21st of October of the current year.

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