2004 11 19
1,73 mln. tonnes of cargo was handled in Klaipeda Seaport in October, 2004 and it is by 9 % more to compare with the last year. Prominently grew up bulk cargo handling, totalling up to 283 thousand tonnes per month, and frozen cargo handling, output of which reached even 50 thousand tonnes per month. Comparing with September, cargo handling in the seaport increased by 7 % in October.
16,8 million tonnes of cargo was handled in Klaipeda Seaport in the period of January- October 2004, i.e. by 3 % less than in the same period of 2003. Slippage from the results of the previous year reduced by 1 %.  Oil handling is forecasted to grow up by the end of year; consequently the seaport will have even better results.
Handling rate of the key companies in January- October, 2004 in comparison with the previous year are the following: AB “ KLASCO” - 9 %, JKK “ Bega” + 4 %, AB
“ Klaipedos Smelte” + 7 %, UAB Klaipedos terminalo grupe+14 %.
Per January- October, 2004 6038 railway wagons and 125663 transport means were transported by ferries, i.e. respectively by 47 % and 2 %more than last year.
Growth of container flow continuously gratifies. 17428 TEU containers were handled in October only and this is the highest container handling result in the history of the port.
In the period of ten months 141 thousand TEU was been handled in the port, or by
43 % more to compare with the last year. According to ten months handling results Klaipeda Seaport remains the biggest container port in the Baltic States.
In January- October, 2004 Klaipeda Seaport rendered services to 150791 ferry passengers, i.e. by 8 % more than the same period of the previous year.
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