Bulk cargo transhipment centre (HUB) starts its operations

2013 06 13
Bulk cargo transhipment centre (HUB) starts its operations

On the 13th of June 2013 the bulk carrier „Medi Kobe“ was berthed in Klaipėda Seaport at the quays operated by stevedoring company „Bega“. The ship is 224.99 metres in length, 32.28 metres in width with maximum draught up to 14.02 metres. The ship brought 50 280 tons of soy extruded cakes. The transhipment of this cargo was the sign that the bulk cargo transhipment centre (HUB) started operating.

The major part of the cargo berthed at the quay No. 67a will be transhipped to 5-6 smaller vessels and transported further to other Baltic Seaports, the part of it will be stored in the warehouses and later transported by railways. Cargo unloading by 2 flows will be performed simultaneously. The facilities of this universal terminal destined for agriculture products were designed and accommodated to such cargo handling works.

Acceptance of the bulk – carrier „Medi Kobe“ in Klaipeda Port means that Klaipėda Port is ready for the activity of bulk cargo transhipment centre (HUB) and performs it successfully.

We would like to remind that the pier of the stevedoring company „Bega” was put into operation on the 19th of February of the current year. The company „Josef Möbius Bau-Aktiengesellschalf constructed this object for 51 999 991.38 Lt including all expenses and taxes.

Previously this place in the Port was used not at its full capacity – the written – off vessels used to be cut there and scrap metal was stored. Quays No. 66a and 67a form the pier destined for cargo handling works. The length of the pier reaches 236.80 metres, the width is 30 meters, and the depth at the pier is 13 metres (the planned in future depth should reach up to 14.5 metres).

As soon as the quays have been reconstructed and extended, additional possibilities to handle bulk, general and liquid cargoes occurred. The operator of this pier the stevedoring company „Bega“ is going to exploit the a-new constructed universal export and import terminal, designated to all types of bulk agriculture products, like grain, extruded cakes of diverse plants, soy meal, granules, raw sugar and etc. Technologically the terminal is adapted both to export and import, i.e. it is possible to perform cargo handling operations simultaneously in two directions and the capacity and technical possibilities allow to perform the functions of cargo transhipment centre (HUB), i.e. to accommodate „Post panamax“ type ships with large amounts bulk cargo and to tranship this cargo with smaller ships among the Baltic Sea ports.

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