Cargo handling turnover in 2013 among the best three results reached in klaipeda seaport. Optimistic forecasts for 2014 are induced by the largest scale investments.

2013 12 31
Cargo handling turnover in 2013 among  the  best three results reached in klaipeda seaport. Optimistic forecasts for 2014 are induced by  the largest scale investments.

33,23 million tons of cargo were handled in Klaipėda Seaport in  2013 and it was the third place in the history of the best cargo handling results.

33,23 million tons of seaborne cargo were handled in Klaipeda Seaport within the period of January - December of 2013. Although it was less by 5,4 pct. (or -1,92 mln tn.) comparing with the corresponding period of 2012, the long-term cargo handling tendencies obviously demonstrate the increase – this cargo handling result was the third result in the history of Klaipeda Seaport.

Basic reasons determining the 2013 cargo handling rates were the following:

Oil products constitute 21,2 pct. of the total turnover of cargoes handled in Klaipeda Seaport. This year 7,07 mln tn. , i.e. less by -14,4 pct.  or by -1,19 mln tn. comparing with the previous year of the aforementioned products were handled in the Port:
- export of Russian oil products dropped down in all Baltic Seaports due to the interest of Russia to handle oil products in national ports (particularly in the terminals of Ust Luga Port);
- as soon as Russia  has decreased the oil delivery to Mozyr (Belarus) refinery the latter decreased the processing volumes and, consequently, the  handling of fuel oil rates via Klaipeda Seaport dropped down;
-in the global oil product market the profitability of processed oil decreased – consequently the volumes of processed oil in SC Orlen Lietuva and respectively volumes of oil export via Klaipeda Seaport decreased as well;  
-contracted production volumes  of SC Orlen Lietuva made the negative impact on the indices of Klaipeda Seaport: due to closed Ukranian Lisichansk refinery SC Orlen Lietuva increased the volumes of transportation of gasoline and diesel fuel by railways. The changed chain of logistics made impact on -  SC Orlen Lietuva cargo transportation by sea routes via the terminals of „ Klaipeda nafta“ considerably decreased.

8,52 mln tn. of fertilizers were handled in Klaipeda Seaport in January – December of 2013. Redistribution   in sales market between Belaruskalij and Uralkalij determined the contracted handling turnover of Belarusian fertilizers – the handling of fertilizers in the current year was less by 12,4 pct. or by -1,21 mln tn year –on- year. Notwithstanding the decreased handling turnover this cargo has remained the most multitudinous in the Port - fertilizers cut out 25,6 pct. of the total cargo turnover in the Port.

Due to constantly growing economics of Lithuania and its neighbouring countries the container throughput constituting 13,7 pct. of the total cargo handling of the Port this year saw the stable increase:  4,56 mln tn. were handled, i.e. +4,6 pct. more than in 2012. Comparing with the neighbouring Baltic Seaports Klaipeda Port is the leader in container handling.

Pursuant to the data of the company Ernst & Young 1 ton of cargo handled via Klaipeda Seaport ensures 11,23 lt. of revenues to the State budged. On assessing the cargo handling result of 2013 it is possible to maintain that the flow of cargo handled in Klaipeda Seaport generated the conditions for certain government sector (for state, municipality, the State Social Insurance Fund Board under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour budgets)   to receive through diverse taxes 374,2 mln of revenues.

In 2013 the largest scale of investments to infrastructure were reached in Klaipeda Seaport:  over 330 mln litas (preliminary data) have been already invested. The key infrastructure objects: capital dredging and widening of navigation channel (127,3 mln litas); construction of infrastructure of passenger and cargo terminal (37,58 mln litas, the total sum – 103,998 mln litas); improvement of "Smelte" vessel turning circle adjusting it to accommodate gross – tonnage ships (containerships and etc) – capital dredging works (78,817 mln litas); reconstruction of quays No. 7 and No. 8 (15,88 mln litas); reconstruction of quays No. 90-96 (7,779 mln litas), other objects (62,6 mln litas).

It may be presumed that due to considerable increased quantitative Klaipeda Seaport parameters and competitiveness the possibility the Port will feel the first steps of return on investments in 2014. The rapid development of cruise shipping rates is anticipated in 2014: 59 cruise vessels have already registered for the coming year, the planned number of cruise passengers should be 45 thousand passengers.

Records achieved in 2013:

THE BIGGEST AMOUNT OF METAL RAW MATERIAL AND IRON ORE (77 000,00 tn.) WAS TRANSPORTED by 229,25 metres in length, with beam up to 38 metres  and draught of 14,92 metres vessel  „Doris Champion“ that moored in Klaipeda Seaport on the 3d of October, 2013.

THE LARGEST AMOUNT OF CARGO (92 315,953 tn.) WAS TRANSPORTED by 248,95 metres in length, with beam up to  43,8 metres and draught of 14,925 metres TANKER  “Aegean Harmony” that called Klaipeda Seaport on the 10th of November of 2013.

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