The conference organized in Klaipėda was reflected in international press as well

2007 08 01
The cruise business conference „The tendencies of transportation of passengers in EU: perspectives of cruise shipping in the Baltic region” that was organized by SE Klaipėda State Seaport Authority in May 23-24 2007 received attention of international press.
The Publisher of one of the most popular international cruise business journal „SEATRADE CRUISE REVIEW“ Mr. Christopher Hyman in his editorial article „The old and the new continents“  joyfully wrote that cruise business had turned and found the old Continent – Europe, which is especially attractive by its cruise potential. Besides, in different cities of Europe including Klaipėda, there take place important cruise business events that add to the strengthening of cruise business positions of this region.  
Cruise season of 2007 will again be record for Klaipėda port: it is expected to serve more than 35 thousand cruise passengers with 65 cruise vessel calls.  
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