Largest grain ship was loaded in Klaipėda

2014 09 17
Largest grain ship was loaded in Klaipėda

Presently, the Port of Klaipėda goes through the times of records. Recently a Post-Panamax type ship “Piera” was loaded in the Port; the fact that will enter the history of the Port. By far, this is the largest loaded quantity of Lithuanian export grain throughout the entire history of the Port of Klaipėda.

A 229.5 m long, 38 m wide vessel was loaded up to 13 m draught at the embankment No. 67a of the universal agricultural products loading terminal of the Klaipėda sea cargo company “Bega”. As planned, the ship transported about 74 thousand tons of wheat. If measuring this amount by railway wagons, it would make 1100 grain trains or more than a 16 km long railway train. Cargo operations lasted for about four days. The record grain lot is being exported to Iran by AB “Kauno grūdai” along with UAB “Žvalguva”.

Due to the new infrastructure and depth settings implemented at the embankments of the company “Bega”, by the decision of the Port’s captain higher maximum draughts of vessels have been approved: 13 meters - at the embankment No. 67a (on the south side of the new pier) and 13.2 meters at the embankments No. 69-70. This further increases the capacity and capabilities of the Port of Klaipėda and the universal agricultural export-import terminal of the company “Bega”, which was set into operation last year; these capacities are now maximally exploited for both the export of Lithuanian grain and loading and the unloading of other bulk cargoes.

“The implementation of the investment in this terminal and ensuring a depth at the embankments offer extensive opportunities to accept larger vessels, thus attracting completely new goods. The good news is that the Port of Klaipėda is becoming from a feeder port to a bulk cargo hub. Such a modern, technologically equipped terminal, which exhibits reverse options, has never been seen in other Baltic ports” said the Director General of the Klaipėda State Seaport Authority Mr Arvydas Vaitkus.

According to Director General of the company “Bega” Mr Aloyzas Kuzmarskis, on the one hand, this record is a great achievement both for the Port of Klaipėda and the shippers to whom it is important to optimize freight cost; on the other hand, the possibilities of the terminal allow to load even larger amounts of grain: currently over 120 thousand ton grains are stored in “Bega” tanks, and the maximum capacity of the vessel “Piera” is about 91 thousand tons, but in order for it to be so loaded, the maximum 14.4 m draught is required. 
“New depths is the result of the new approach and good cooperation of the Klaipėda State Seaport Authority, the Port Captain Service and stevedoring companies. Balanced development of the Port’s superstructure and infrastructure, the ability to quickly generate created new loading capacities and the meeting of the shippers’ expectations are very important. A majority of tasks have already been implemented at the Port and not so much has remained in order the Port of Klaipėda would acquire the maximum settings. It is very important that the Port Authority’s management is well aware of that and has already started to implement further development programs of the Port.” said Mr Kuzmarskis.

During the first eight months of this year, at the Port of Klaipėda more than one million tons of grain were loaded. Usually within a year Lithuanian farmers harvest 4 million tons of grain, about 2 million tons are used for domestic consumption, another 2 million tons are exported. Most Lithuanian harvest is shipped to Iran and North Africa. In the Port of Klaipėda, 5 companies perform the services of loading of grains. In total, this season “Bega” is planning to load approximately 1.5 million tons of agricultural products, about 1 million tons of which will be the grain harvested in the fields of Lithuania.

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