Cognitive port surveys by ship – for Klaipėda citizens and guests

2008 05 30
Since June 8 2008 SE Klaipėda State Seaport Authority starts to organize for Klaipėda citizens and the guests the cognitive port surveys on a ship „Forelle“ free of charge. They will take place in June-July. 
In June-July this year SE Klaipėda State Seaport Authority will organize a number of free-of-charge cognitive excursions on a ship „Forelle“ around Klaipėda port waters for Klaipėda citizens and the guests. It is anticipated that the excursions that will take place on Fridays and Sundays will receive attention and there will participate those who are willing to know more about the port. During the cognitive excursions (duration about 1 h) Klaipėda citizens and the guests will be able to see port terminals and listen to the narration of a guide about the port. 
The goal of this action is to directly and visually acquaint the society with the activities of Klaipėda port, its possibilities and perspectives, unveil the economic – social advantages provided by maritime industry, specifics of work and activities of maritime community, reduce the reticence of port territories for society, add to consolidation of the citizens and maritime community and improvement of image of seafarers` profession
It is also anticipated that the spread of information about the port among society will help to form the image of Klaipėda and Lithuania as a marine state and will perform society education functions.  
By this idea Klaipėda port supports the proposal of European Commission (beginning with 2008) to celebrate European Maritime Day annually on the 20th of May by organizing open days for the society and presenting the activities of the port, developing the society in maritime field and inducing and enhancing maritime traditions.
On the 8th of June 2008 (on Sunday) at 11 a.m. WE KINDLY INVITE THE REPRESENTATIVES OF MEDIA TOGETHER WITH THEIR FAMILIES to the first cognitive port survey by ship „Forelle“ from the quay of Cruise Vessel terminal.
Those who intend to participate on a boat trip we ask to inform Klaipėda tourism and culture information centre up to June 4 by the address:
Tel.: (+ 370 46) 412 186 /  430 700
We remain waiting for you!
SE Klaipėda State Seaport Authority 
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