International conference „Klaipėda port development projects“

2008 06 13
In June 12 2008, SE Klaipėda State Seaport Authority in the conference hall of ,,RADISSON SAS“ hotel (Šaulių g. 28, Klaipėda) organized international conference „Klaipėda port development projects“ for local and foreign contractors executing and having possibilities to execute port infrastructure development projects, railway construction and port dredging works.
The objective of the conference – was to acquaint the present and potential contractors with new port infrastructure projects and induce them to participate in international tenders for execution of those works.
The representatives of SE KSSA and the companies which prepared the technical projects of the biggest objects in Klaipėda port spoke at the conference. After the conference topical site-visits were foreseen to UAB stevedoring company „BEGA“ and UAB „Klaipėdos keleivių ir krovinių terminalas“ .
Besides, the guest from Germany, a representative of German company Bremen Ports GmbH & Co. Karsten Brünings made a report and shared his knowledge about the construction and maintenance of deep-water avant ports.
The discussions concerning deep-water port are hot since 2004, when JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) experts having investigated different alternatives determined that the best Klaipėda port development alternative is the construction of deep-water port and presented deep-water construction study in Melnrage. As the knowledge of other European ports shows the construction of such an object usually lasts for 10 years, therefore, it is necessary to take care about the future of Lithuanian transport and economics by foreseeing the perspective for no less than 50 years.
Port Authority implementing one of its activity aspects, i.e. to increase the throughput capacity, and taking into consideration the importance of Klaipėda port for the economics of the country and the fact that it is necessary to increase port capacities and competitiveness, must bother about the investments into this important investment Project for Klaipėda port – deep-water avant port. Therefore, it is important to care about the knowledge of other ports that constructed are maintaining such ports. Besides, in order to maintain competitiveness it is necessary to adjust and react to the changes in shipping market.
In the strategic plan of Port Authority for 2008 - 2010 it is foreseen to continue construction and dredging works and first of all to more effectively use the southern part of the port. One of such objects is – the reconstruction of quays No. 66 and 67 in stevedoring company „Bega“ leased territory and the construction of  piers No 66a and 67a. It is planned to commence the first phase construction of this object in 2009 which will cost about 140 million Litas. Director of UAB „HIDROSFERA“ Arvydas Bielinis participated in the conference and presented the results of the work. Presently this site is only partially used – write-off ships are being cut there and scrap metal is accumulated. After reconstruction of those quays No 66-67 and after construction of piers No 66a – 67a there will appear additional possibilities to handle bulk, general and liquid cargo.
During the conference the construction of Klaipėda passenger and cargo terminal was discussed. It is planned to construct this terminal by 2010 in the location next to the second Smiltynes perkela and the territories between Minijos, Varnėnų and Nemuno streets and Baltijos avenue extension. Construction costs amount to more than 250 million Litas and it is planned to finance the construction using EU structural funds, SE KSSA funds and private capital. The head of hydro-technical equipments Project design group of UAB „Hidroprojektas“ and the author of Terms of Reference and Technical Project Gediminas Zumaras made a report about the above Project. 
It is evident that from the economic point of view the appearance of Klaipėda passenger and cargo terminal will be especially useful for the whole seaside region as there will appear the necessity to expand services, new hotels will be built and new job places will be created. In order to ensure comfortable traffic for passengers and cargo, improvement of transport infrastructure is planned – crossing of Baltijos avenue with Minijos street and reconstruction of Silutes and Taikos avenues, construction of special access road and reconstruction of railway infrastructure between Varnenu street and Baltijos avenue. In July this year it is planned to launch a tender for the construction of Klaipėda passenger and cargo terminal and to commence the construction in autumn.
Director General of SE KSSA Sigitas Dobilinskas said: „At this conference, with the aim to acquaint the local and foreign contractors with Klaipėda port development extent and future projects we at the same time expect to induce them to participate in tenders for the modernization of port infrastructure and cooperate with the partners who work efficiently“.
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