Klaipeda port invests into infrastructure

2015 04 21
Klaipeda port invests into infrastructure

On the 17th of April there was officially forwarded for operations the infrastructure of the quay No 144.

When the one kilometre railroad was constructed, there remained no obstacles to use all the possibilities and execute commercial operations at the quay No 144.

The quay is adapted for handling general, bulk and dry bulk cargo and it is leased to the company KLASCO.

The length of the quay is – 469 m, the project water depth at the quay is – 11 m, and 931 m of railroad is built.

The total amount of EUR 1, 24 million was invested into the railroads at the quay No 144.

During the last 2,5 years the Port authority invested into infrastructure  almost  EUR 145 million.

In 2013 there were invested more than EUR 87 million, by two times more than during earlier years. It is planned to invest about EUR 350 million up to 2018.

More than a half of this sum will be allotted to port dredging. One more aspiration of the Port authority in 2015 is – to solve railway infrastructure issues. In 2015 it is planned to allot about EUR 4,4 million for railway constructions and repairs. It is intended to invest about EUR 3,3 million to the reconstruction of access roads and streets.

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