Incident in the Port

2009 02 27
On 26 of February 2009, after engine breakdown onboard the tanker Chemtrans Ray that was proceeding along the port waters, the uncontrollable ship was succesfully moored to other berth with the aid of tugboats. 
 On 26 February of this year, at 11:15 AM, the Port Dispatcher office of SE Klaipėda State Seaport Authority received a notice that the tanker Chemtrans Ray (Flag of Liberia) with 33 000 tons of cargo loaded onboard at the berth of the company „Klaipėdos nafta“ PLC, after unmooring was proceeding  towards the gates of the port accompanied by tugboats, when suddenly its engine broke down.
The employees of the Port Master Service promptly responded to this accident: they immediately contacted the employees of the company SC Klaipėda Stevedoring Company (KLASCO) and arranged that the tanker would be moored to berth No. 8 of the above-mentioned company. An extra tugboat was sent to the place of the accident.
At the moment the engine of the tanker is under repair.
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