Meeting of the Port working group of THE TALL SHIPS’ RACES BALTIC 2009

2009 06 23
On 22 June, 2009 (on Monday), at 14 30   a meeting of the Port working group of The Tall Ships’ Races Baltic 2009 Steering committee was held  in the Grand hall of SE Klaipėda State Seaport Authority (J. Janonio street 24).
Agenda of the meeting of the Port working group of The Tall Ships’ Races Baltic 2009 Steering committee held  on 22 June,  2009 included the following issues:
1.             Updated information on registered sailing ships and yachts.
2.             Mooring areas for sailing ships and yachts and mooring diagram.
3.             Procedure of the state border control and customs clearance.
4.             Possibilities for mooring of sailing ships at pontoon of UAB „Memelio miestas“  (at quay 22) and  quays  under reconstruction -  No. 43 and 44 of AB „Klaipėdos laivų remontas“.
5.             Procedure of the sailing ships parade and date of completion of the parade schemes.
6.             Formation of a group for arrangement of wreath laying ceremony in memory of those who perished at sea.
7.             Removal of ferries of AB „Smiltynės perkėla“ old ferry station from the Danė River to Northern horn (Šiaurinis ragas).
8.             Sailing of small boats during the event: mooring areas and  working order.
9.             Exemption of sailing ships from the port dues. Pilot services for sailing ships.
10.         Tug services for sailing ships.
11.         Ship‘s agents services for sailing ships.
12.         Ship technical maintenance services (duty boats, etc.).
13.         Waste collection from the tall sailing ships.
14.         Finish line of the regatta (to be established together with Sail Training International representatives).
15.         Start and finish of Curonian Lagoon Regatta during „The Tall Ships‘ Races Baltic 2009“ .
16.         Other issues.
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