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Klaipėda has rapidly gained the popularity: currently it is an attractive seaside city with expanding maritime tourism.  As of 2003, cruise shipping in Klaipėda started to develop considerably, since the Cruise Vessel Terminal – in the very heart of the city – had been constructed. Cruise Vessel Terminal covers an area of 1.2 hectares and is located about 100 m from the historical downtown of Klaipėda. Vessels with the length up to 330 m and the draught of 8.5 m can be moored at the terminal. All services necessary for tourists are set in the terminal and its approaches: taxi, postal services, telephone and internet-café, currency exchange, ATM, souvenir shops, bars, restaurants and hotels.

More information at  AB “Klaipėdos laivų remontas“





Aiming to increase the city’s competitiveness in cruise shipping and to further develop maritime tourism, Klaipėda Central Terminal was constructed in 2014. The Terminal, located close to the city centre, can accommodate up to 3 vessels at a time: cruise ships, passenger and ro-pax ferries. Klaipėda guarantees the highest quality of services to all passengers.

More information at Central Klaipeda terminal

Information updated 2021-02-04
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