Both in Soviet times, and after independence there were a number of restoration projects for Šventoji port. Options for construction both in its former location and in other places, mostly northward from the current location, were considered.

In 1989, design documentation for Šventoji port restoration was prepared by Kaunas radio engineering factory “Banga”, planning to construct a 4–5 meter deep yacht port.

When constructing Būtingė terminal, “Achemos grupė” was considering the possibility of constructing a new industrial port in Šventoji.

In 1996 Klaipėda State Seaport Authority announced initial plans for the Šventoji seaport. It offered to restore the fishing port in Šventoji adapting it for coastal fisheries, recreation and marine tourism, and to plan a new cargo port at Būtingė reserving territory to that effect.

In 2000 Palanga municipality prepared a detailed plan, where Šventoji state seaport was not included. Klaipėda State Seaport Authority appealed against that detailed plan.

In 2002 the first correction of the detailed plan was prepared, adjusting the boundaries and the area, but at that time the private limited company “Energetikas” appealed against the amendments of the plan.
In view of that it was decided to make corrections to the detailed plan of Šventoji settlement, adjusting the boundaries and the area of Šventoji seaport by excluding a part of land with buildings owned by the company “Energetikas”.

In 2003 a feasibility study for restoration of Šventoji seaport (prof. Vytautas Smailys) was prepared by order of the Ministry of Communications of the Republic of Lithuania. The aim of the above study was to formulate proposals regarding the status of Šventoji seaport, directions of its activities, procedures for defining boundaries of land and water areas of the port, scope and sequence of the port restoration works, scope of required financing and potential sources of financing.
Having considered all the factors, it was concluded that Šventoji port should be restored. This would stimulate business activities in the region around the port, reduce unemployment, and give a boost to commercial trade and service sectors.

On 06-11-2003 the Strategic Planning Committee under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania concluded that operation of Šventoji port would be feasible to Lithuania and set priority directions of the port activities.
On 22-11-2004 the Government of the Republic of Lithuania established Šventoji State Seaport, approved regulations of the port and defined the land and water areas allocated for the port and their boundaries by decree № 1469. Authority for Šventoji State Seaport was delegated to Klaipėda State Seaport Authority.

On 16-06-2006 secondary corrections to the detailed plan were started.
On 16-11-2006 the Government of the Republic of Lithuania by decree № X-910 adopted the law on Šventoji state seaport, which became valid as of 01-03-2007; as of its adoption the law repealed decree № 1469, dated 22-11-2004 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania

On 30-08-2007 having conducted public procurement procedures, an agreement was awarded to the contract winner – private limited companies “Geoprojektas & Co” and “Hidroprojektas” acting on a joint activity agreement. On 12-12-2007 agreement № 430/34-2007-607 was signed re: preparation of engineering-geological mapping program. The price for performed works was 145 000 LTL, including VAT. Engineering-geological mapping program was prepared on 28-01-2008 and a positive conclusion was received from Lithuanian Geological Survey.

Having conducted public procurement procedures, an agreement was awarded to the private limited company “Inžineriniai Tyrinėjimai”. On 19-10-2007 agreement № 34-2007-523 was signed re: preparation of digital topographic survey. The price for performed works was 17 000 LTL, including VAT, however, while preparing the detailed plan under the conditions issued by Palanga municipality, it was realized that additional topographic surveys should also be prepared for the adjacent 12 ha land area. Therefore, the total price of the contractual works increased to 38 940 LTL, including VAT. The topographic survey was prepared in February 2008.

Technical documentation of Šventoji State Seaport territory geological cartography is developed on 22-12-2011 according to the contract No. 34-2009-425 concluded by State Enterprise Klaipėda State Seaport Authority and JSC “Geoprojektas” ir Ko” dated of 13-07-2009, following Šventoji State Seaport territory engineering-geological cartography program in scale 1:2000.

On 07-04-2008 the Minister of Communication of the Republic of Lithuania by order № 3-101 approved the “Plan of measures for implementation of Šventoji state seaport construction program” that is currently being executed.

On 05-12-2008 Klaipėda State Seaport Authority corrected the Šventoji detailed plan that was approved by resolution № T2-315 of Palanga Municipality Council. The correction included adjustment of the boundaries and the area of Šventoji State Seaport.

The Port Authority urgently prepared cadastral measurements and on 12-02-2009 submitted them to Klaipėda County Governor for registration.

On 01-06-2009 documents were sent by the Port Authority to the Ministry of Communications. These were required in order to adopt a decree of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and to transfer the land lot to the Port Authority under a trust agreement in order that they could use the funds assigned to restore Šventoji port.

On 27-08-2009 appointed members of Šventoji State Seaport Development Board were approved by order № 3-390 of the Minister of Communications of the Republic of Lithuania with further amendments thereof.

On 30-09-2009 the Government of the Republic of Lithuania adopted decree № 1197, whereby the 15.3 ha land lot and 209.6 ha outer port waters were assigned to Šventoji State Seaport.

On 21-03-2008 an application was filed with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism of the Kingdom of Spain regarding assignation of a grant from the Bilateral Fund for preparation of Šventoji seaport feasibility study (general plan). On 30-05-2008 and 08-07-2008 additional material was sent. On 27-08-2008 a request for provision of technical task and estimates of feasibility study preparation was received. On 24-09-2008 The Port Authority provided the technical task and estimates of feasibility study preparation.

On 20-01-2009 the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism of Spain approved assignation of approximately 300,000 EUR grant to prepare for a feasibility study.

On 04-08-2009 the Port Authority signed a contracting agreement with a Spanish consulting company regarding preparations for a feasibility study of Šventoji port.

On 19-01-2010 an interim report of the feasibility study for restoring Šventoji State Seaport was presented at the meeting of the Technical Board; specialists that prepared the study were given comments and proposals.

On 2010-05-25 five potential options of Šventoji port reconstruction were presented at the meeting ofthe Technical Board held in the Port Authority. 2B option was selected as the optimal one; it provided for construction of the port in the southern part. According to calculations by Spanish engineering, consulting and architecture company “Alatec”, that prepared the feasibility study, the restoration costs according to option 2B would amount to 53 million EUR, or over 180 million LTL.

According to option 2B, Šventoji port could accommodate more than 655 vessels, including places for almost 495 vessels in the port waters and approximately 160 onshore. A place for one small (up to 70-meter long) cruiser would be also provided.

Šventoji port would comprise the inner area in the current bay and the outer area in the sea enclosed by piers. According to option 2B, wave breakers would be approximately 400 meters long. Depth in the inner area of the port to seashore would be 4 meters, and in the outer area, 6 meters.

According to the above mentioned 2B option, the port area would include a yacht club, sailing school, dry docks, ship repair and maintenance facilities, restaurants, and shops. Power, water supply, other personal services (laundry, catering, etc.) would be provided to tourists arriving by yachts and boats.

On 19-06-2010 Šventoji State Seaport Development Council (minutes of the meeting № ŠPT-1, dated 23-06-2010) approved the final report of the feasibility study for restoration of Šventoji port and authorized Klaipėda State Seaport Authority to continue preparing technical documentation and to analyze potential models of port management.

On 23-12-2010 Klaipeda Region Environmental Protection Department of the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania adopted the selection conclusion No. (9.14.5)-LV4-6547: the environmental impact assessment of planned social and economic activity of Klaipeda State Seaport Authority, stating that maintenance dredging works of Šventoji State Port waters (engineering geological cartography of the territory of Šventoji Port) are not mandatory.

On 10-02-2011 the Contract with JSC “Hiodrostatyba” acting under the joint activity agreement with JSC “Getelit” and JSC “Sweco hidroprojektas” was signed. The object of the Contract is “Fitting of Šventoji State Port for rendering services to small boats The contract works cover the preparation of technical project, installation of engineering nets and mounting of floating pontoons”. Besides other provided works (installation and extension of capacity of utility networks, installation of landing-stages of 72 places) the Contractor connects the utility networks to 2 newly constructed container type houses. These houses are installed nearby Šventoji State Port inner harborage area at the eastern quay. One house is designed for the Port Authority employees, who will ensure uninterruptible communication with the controlling institutions, another one – for the employees of the controlling institutions. 30 places for ships of up to 10 m length, at the western quay – 42 places for ships of up to 12 m length.

On 24-02-2011 the contract on the object of the simplified open tender “Maintenance dredging works of Šventoji State Seaport water territory for execution of engineering geological cartography works of Šventoji Port territory” was signed with JSC "BGS". In Šventoji Port the following works were performed, the harborage area is cleaned up to 3 m, 2.5 m, 2 m. The works were performed in June 2011 for equipment of mooring facilities of part of quays for small pleasure and fishing vessels. Alluvial soil amount - 70 000 m3.

On 29-04-2011 the contract agreement with the winner of the simplified open procedure JSC “Sweco Lietuva” on the part of the object “Preparation of Technical Documentation for Construction of Infrastructure and Capital Dredging of Šventoji State Seaport” – Preparation of Detailed Plan of Šventoji State Seaport” was signed. The contract cost makes 107 569.00 LTL, VAT included, the contract term makes 11 months after the contract signing. The contract implementation was suspended due to unforeseen circumstances – delay of environmental impact assessment procedures. The detailed plan is now revised by the State Supervision Department of Territory Planning and Construction. Solutions of the detailed plan are expected to be approved in the nearest time. Solutions provided in the detailed plan concept remain almost unchanged in the final revision of the detailed plan. The objective of new detailed plan is to set the requirements for territory management and use conditions – method, nature, height of facilities, building density and intensity, formation of land belts for utility passages and communications, engineering infrastructure. All coordinating institutions have already approved the solutions of detailed plan. On 31st of January 2013 the detailed plan of Šventoji will be considered at the sitting of  Palanga municipal authorities.

On 05-11-2012 preparation of design offers for object “New construction of Šventoji Port Moles” was completed.  According to the solutions of design offers the southern mole in Šventoji Port is design with a promenade, and the northern mole – without a promenade.

On 19-11-2012 environmental impact assessment of 30 month duration was completed. According to the conclusions installation of the inner port of 4 m depth will be completed and moles will be installed (the southern – 645 m, the northern – 426 m). Their construction is expected to be completed in two years -2014 2015. The number of mooring facilities is increased according to the demand. Perspective stage is provided – outer port is deepened up to 9 m depth, the moles are prolonged, depth of docks would reach 7 m. However, international negotiations with the Republic of Latvia regarding possible significant impact to the environment would be obligatory.

As for the port itself, in spite of majority of its functions, one site with separate site parts inside is planned. In port approaches 0.76 ha plot managed by Palanga City Municipality is joined to the existing Šventoji Port plot.
Total in the port, according to the demand, 500 mooring places at quays for ships of 6015 m length could be installed.
Mooring facilities for auxiliary vessels of various institutions, i.e. naval forces, environment protection and boundary protection, are provided in the outer port. Repair territory with work shop building for minor repair for pleasure ships is also provided. Moreover, covered storage and maintenance territory for storage of sport and pleasure vessels is provided. Border control post territory with a building and ship acceptance pier is provided in the angle beside the mouth of inner port, westward there is a fishing pier, there is a territory for fisher building designed for pleasure fishing.  Stationary quay was also provided for reduction of waves according to the request of Šventoji fishermen. Fuel column for ships is planned to be constructed on the mole, nearby it - bilge water and domestic sewage collection columns. Access to the port territory will be in the southern part from Prieplaukos street, nearby there is a parking area for major vehicles; other vehicles shall be left in other places in the port, which are designed for other purposes.
Toilets, showers, laundries and medical aid post will be installed in the port.

At the present time there are public procurement procedures regarding the technical design of works related to installation of Šventoji Port moles, quays, utilities and harborage area deepening. The tender was announced on 07-12-2012, term from provision of proposals – 17-01-2013. Four tenders have been received. On the 24th of May, 2013 the contract was signed.

Pursuant to the prepared requests for design and considering the existing data and demand the following construction stages have been established:

• Construction stage I– construction of moles and channel deepening works;
• Construction stage II – car parking area construction;
• Construction stage III – construction of utilities;
• Construction stage IV – reconstruction of the western quay;
• Construction stage V – reconstruction of the eastern quay;
• Construction stage VI – harborage area excavation works and construction of mooring facilities.

With intend to ensure the proper functioning of the existing infrastructure the breakwaters’ construction design shall be prepared within 12 months from the day the contract has been concluded, construction design of the parking lot shall be prepared within 6 months from the day the contract has been concluded and the entire technical design shall be prepared within 18 months from the day the contract has been concluded, including obtaining the construction permit.

According to the schedule of activities approved by the order of the Minister of transport and Communication of the Republic of Lithuania, aimed at the development of strategic documents related to use of the EU structural support for the fields of development of transport, communication and information, on 25-05-2014 the Port Authority developed and submitted to the Ministry of Transport and Communication of the Republic of Lithuania the list of projects planned to be implemented in 2014-2020, which could be financed from the EU funds.

The abovementioned list of projects of 2014-2017 includes funds for Šventoji State Seaport infrastructure construction and harborage area deepening.  Allowed project cost makes 200 mln. LTL, VAT excluded, 140.5 mln. LTL of which is planned to be financed from the EU funds (it is expected that new planning financing intensity will make 85% from the project cost, VAT excluded). Considering technical documentation which has been developed and planned to be finished in 2014, the cost of construction works and demand of the EU funds can change, and can be specified in the EU structural support use strategy project, which will be developed in 2014-2020 after approval of the Ministry of Transport and Communication of the Republic of Lithuania.

Investment to Šventoji State Seaport infrastructure construction and harborage area deepening is of great value. Considering the expected conditionally low fees of the Port Authority after creation of infrastructure, this investment is sunk cost, however, the project implementation is significant in terms of sociology and economy. Therefore, the Port Authority can contend to receive the EU financial support for this project. Whereas the Port Authority, after assessment of funds required for the development of existing infrastructure of Klaipėda Port, is financially unable to implement a social project of sum amount at its expense, so the assignment of the EU funds for this project is a very important condition for the project implementation.

Following the proposal of Transport Investment Directorate SE Klaipėda State Seaport Authority submitted application No. VP2-4.5-SM-01-V-01 to allocate support from EU funds for implementation of the project „ Preparation of technical documentation for construction of Šventoji State Seaport and Capital Dredging of Port waters“. Application has successfully   overcome  all assessment and screening processes and the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Lithuania made  the decision ( Order No. 3-373 of the Minister of Transport of the Republic of Lithuania as of July 10, 2013 „ On allocation of funds to the project submitted under the Instrument VP2-4.4-SM-01-V „ Improvement of Regional Navigation Conditions and Passenger Service Capacities“, under Priority 4 “Essential Economic Infrastructure“) to allocate the support for implementation of this project.

The project is being co - financed from European Regional Development Fund and own funds of SE Klaipeda State Seaport Authority.

Information updated 2017-08-07



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