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Welcome to Klaipeda Seafarer‘s Centre!

Seamen‘s Club has been operating in Klaipėda for fifty years. The name and address have changed over the years, but its very core activities, its purpose and objectives have remained the same. Today, the Seafarers Centre is a warm home for foreign seafarers faraway from their homeland.

A modern Seafarers Centre opened its doors at the end of 2005. The major share of the funds for the construction of the Centre was provided by the ITF - (The International Transport Workers‘ Federation) Seafarers Trust. It was a significant contribution that supported the establishment of a service centre for Lithuanian and foreign seafarers in Klaipėda port. The Centre is a gift from the international marine community to the seafarers, Klaipėda city and Lithuania.

Annually over 7000 ships - the major part of them being foreign-flag ships – call to Klaipėda port. Several hundred foreign seafarers visit the Seafarers Centre per month. Klaipėda Seafarers Centre is famous and popular among Lithuanian and foreign seamen.

The Centre is a perfect place for social gatherings and communication; it is equipped with all modern amenities: internet access and a reading room, table games, satellite television, etc.

The Centre also includes a health and fitness complex, cafe, bar.

Shuttle transfer services (ship-Seafarers Centre-ship) are available for foreign guests.

The Seafarers Centre is an excellent venue for a conference and entertainment, a business meeting, a public event. Attentive and friendly staff, ensuring a cosy atmosphere in the Club, will make any company feel at home.

Seafarers CentreWorking hours of the Centre

The Centre is open:
I-V from 9.00 till 23 h.

You will find us: Agluonos g. 5, Klaipėda 
Contacts: Tel. (+ 370 46)  300 883                 
Fax (+ 370 46)  345 137                   
Mob. tel. +370 656 33760                  


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