Vessel Traffic Management Information System LUVIS

Vessel Traffic Management Information System (in Lithuanian – LUVIS) is intended to control navigation processes of large and small ships in port, to calculate port duties and to conduct accounting of such duties, to transmit the data to information systems of other authorities, and to provide electronic business services by "one window" principle in the automatized way. The port started using the system in March 2014. It was developed in implementation of the project financed by the European Regional Development Fund according to the implementation tool No. VP2-3.1-IVPK-03-V "Intellectual Management Systems" of priority 3 "Information Society for All" of the Economic Growth Action Programme. Financing intensity – 100 % project’s funds recognized as suitable for financing.

LUVIS system safeguards smooth operation of port captain services, ship agents, ship owners and port tugboats, reduces need for coordination of actions between the port services and influence of human factor on vessel traffic management in port. This allows faster and more effective organization of navigation, reducing shipping hazard of dangerous goods and improving vessel servicing, which has resulted in significant improvement of performance effectiveness of the Seaport Authority.

Information updated 2019-12-10
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